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Both girls, having been pumped with alternating doses of antibiotics and pro-biotic yogurt, were sent to school today. Meanwhile I continue to languish in The Land of The Never-ending Cold. Really, the emails and tidbits of information are beginning to stack up in a disconcerting manner. Usually I’ll get a few emails about something, and it will inspire me to research some comprehensive post. Not this time. I can’t stop blowing my nose, and all of the emails cheerfully telling me delightful news are clogging up my in-box with their judgmental red flags reminding me that I haven’t shared the information with all of you. I can’t take it any more. So here’s a list, without the chirpy prose. Now I’m going to go take some Theraflu. Tomorrow, I swear, I’m going to feel fabulous and there will be absolutely no whining whatsoever.

Spring break:

To be filed under miscellaneous:

  • I’ve heard from a couple of different people about a new indoor play place in Rotterdam called My Place to Play. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s had a chance to visit.
  • I wrote an article about playgrounds that are worth the trip at Kids Out and About. Now that it’s playground season, it would be oh-so-kind of you to notice extra-fun playgrounds and pay the fun forward by filling out my Playground Survey (it’s one playground at a time) so that we can have a longer, more complete, and informative Playground List for everyone. With the disclaimer that it takes me a while to update the list and every time I do it I have to read my instructions and follow them step-by-step, so you’ll just have to bear with me.
  • Music Box Arts/Music Together has new classes beginning.

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