Yay, Spring

How crazy it is that my house was too cold today, so I opened up the windows to let some of the hot air in? It worked, too. There were these bizarre gusts of hot air.

We’re loving the excellent weather. The only sad part is that Cute W is out of town, so he missed our outdoor fun yesterday. There’s a creek that runs right alongside our church, so instead of letting the children run themselves into a frenzy indoors (which they often do), everyone skipped coffee and reported outside immediately.

There were signs of spring all over. And there’s just something about mucking around in a creek, isn’t there?

Somehow my kids managed to stay pretty dry, which was especially funny because their friends were soaked and muddy.

There was also wildflower picking, ice cream eating, and grilling outside at my friend’s house, where they took pity on me because I was lonesome for adults. Or possibly because they’re recruiting for a sister wife. It’s unclear. Whatever. I didn’t have to wash dishes.

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