Some Random Items

I woke up this morning to find both girls in front of the tv watching the royal wedding. As Will & Kate walked out, J sighed dramatically and gasped, “Oh, Mommy, isn’t it romantical?” Meanwhile Cute W lamented that he had perhaps unnecessarily raised their wedding expectations by turning on the news in the first place.

Here are a few random items that I’ve gathered in the last week or so:

A reader wrote me about Little Troy Park, which is actually in Charlton. She says,” Families join for the season and take swim lessons, enjoy the beach and atmosphere.   It is a very family friendly place with amazing activities for the kids.” Check the link for more information and rates.

Another reader shared that the Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club is starting a Zumba/Music and Movement Class on Tuesday mornings at 10 am. $12 gets a Zumba workout for the grown-up and a simultaneous Kindermusik-style class for your preschooler. What a good idea. It reminds me of when I tried to join a gym when M was little. I kept visiting different places at different times over a few months, and each time M would scream so much that someone would page me or come find me, and I’d settle her down and try again, and after the third or fourth interruption, I would just quit. I can’t remember if she was still teensy or a toddler at this point. I do distinctly remember sitting in my car in one of the gym parking lots sobbing in my ill-fitting gym clothes. It was not a pretty picture. If anyone’s at that stage now, allow me to offer about three buckets full of empathy. Or if that’s not helpful, I’ll send you some workout DVD & book recommendations. It will pass.

Over at Adirondack Family Time, they’ve got a post on making simple newspaper pots for planting, which seems like a nice little project for the weekend. The weather is looking excellent for this weekend. It’s about dang time.


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