Capital District Family-Friendly Hikes Plus Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, & Ice Skating

Over the weekend,  The Daily Gazette included a list of Schenectady County hikes. I compared it to my list of Family-Friendly Hikes and realized that I was missing some, so I updated the page for you. At the bottom I’ve also included a couple of my favorite local nature-appreciation blogs as well, just in case you need a little inspiration.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of new businesses opening that offer physical fitness indoors where it’s a little warmer. When I was checking into the hikes, I stumbled on the TU’s Outdoor blog’s post on a new rock-climbing gym, The Edge in Halfmoon. There’s also a new gymnastics place, Cartwheels in Clifton Park, which is scheduled to open later this month.

Or maybe you’re excited about the cold, and you’re all about ice appreciation? Then I’m super-excited that the Empire State Plaza has officially re-opened the free ice skating rink. Yippee! Check out the details over at All Over Albany. Speaking of blogs sharing the free joys of winter, Nippertown‘s got the list of free concerts at Schenectady County Library. I will try to remember to add these to my listings as I go, but I’m linking up in case you want to mark your calendars for something special.

And completely off-topic, was anyone wondering how that Baby Eewok cloak-sewing went? No? Well, sorry. I’m showing you, anyway. Here’s one:

The second one, with its lovely pattern, is a little more formal (Eewok also borrowed an American Girl headband for this one). The seamstress elf who created both fashions sent little J some extra fabric scraps because she’d heard that J was crafty. J got to work immediately and put together a new blankie for Baby Eewok. It’s hard to make out in the picture, but the blanket is outer-space themed, with two stars cut from the cloak straps as well as a floral-ish planet.

J was super-excited to hear that there is an elf who loves crafting and Star Wars as much as she does.

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  1. Big Sister

    That elf sure is crafty. The top one look s like Little Red Riding Hood Ewok. Don’t remember that one from the movies, but then again, it has been some time since I watched one!

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