A Trader Joe’s, a Sense-able Movie, and Baby Yoga, Plus I CLEANED!

Wow, what a gorgeous day today! I hope you managed to get out there. It was perfect weather for me to dismantle my Christmas wreath–I often leave that for months, because it’s best done outside (pine needles everywhere) and it’s usually too cold. I also managed to put away all the rest of my Christmas stuff. It’s funny, because I love putting the tree and all the decorations up. But after all the holidays I love getting my house back to normal, too. It makes my teensy house seem spacious again.

As I was lugging the tree outside, there were still a couple of stray ornaments. One was this adorable little tin gingerbread boy. Luckily the tin clanged on our steps, so I found it. The other was one I chose to discard:

Okay, so what the heck is this? Cute W and I speculated that J tied this little candy cane to the tree. Festive, right? Except, look: it’s clearly been licked. What do you think she did? Did she start eating it, then get bored and she didn’t want to waste it? Or did she tie it on the tree, and then it looked so good she had to lick it a couple of times? The thought of our daughter pressing her face into the pine needles to get a little candy cane hit made us laugh so much that Cute W insisted that I take a picture for the blog. And here it is.

You’ve heard that Trader Joe’s is coming to Albany, right? At Wolf Road, where the old Office Max used to be.

The Autism Society of the Greater Capital Region is having another Sense-able Movie for kids with sensory issues on Saturday the 21st at 10 at Bowtie in Schenectady. The film is Beauty and the Beast, and if you want to go, you should reserve right away, because these fill up.

Breathing Room in Delmar has prenatal, baby & me, little kid, and big kid yoga classes starting up. Whenever I hear about baby stuff I like to spread the word, because I know it’s hard to find baby-centered activities.

We’ve got a busy day tomorrow! Ice skating in the morning, then Laurie Berkner, and a soccer game in the afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. June

    Trader Joe’s is also coming to RaChaCha! I’m beside myself with excitement. And since you don’t have Wegmans, you must be absolutely quivering with anticipation!

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