Snip-its Giveaway!

You might have already heard that there’s a new Snip-its opening in Guilderland. Snip-its offers haircuts, spa services, and birthday parties for little ones. They’re celebrating a grand opening this weekend with plenty of fun planned, and as part of the celebration, they’re offering a giveaway to Capital District Fun readers!


The winning Capital District Fun reader will win one free kid’s haircut valued at $17.99 and a product gift pack valued at about $30! For the gift pack, our winner can choose three of the following hair products:

  • Shampoo (Burstin’ Bubbles or Silly Strawberry)
  • Conditioner (No Yellin’ Melon)
  • Morning Miracle Mousse Styling Spray
  • Funky Spiker Super Hold Styling Gel
  • Sparkle Spritz Shining Mist

The Snip-its folks sent us a gift pack, too. I mentioned the other day that my girls especially like the Sparkle Spritz Shining Mist. Today when it was time for me to coax J into the shower, I asked her to please try the shampoo and conditioner, and this increased her shower enthusiasm exponentially. A few minutes after her shower, I interviewed her.

“So, how was it?”

“It smells heavenly. And it was very easy to get out of the bottle.” She tends to have a difficult time with this.

“And did you notice a difference in how it felt when you combed your hair?”

“Argh! I was supposed to comb my hair! I forgot!” Sobbing. I win the Mama Prize again!

To enter, comment on this post and tell us about your greatest joy and/or frustration regarding your child(ren)’s hair before this Friday at noon.* I’ll randomly select a winner, email her/him, and announce it on the blog later on Friday.  The giveaway will be available for pick-up at the Guilderland Snip-its at 2080 Western Avenue.

If you’re entering to win, it’s probably worth your while to go check out the Guilderland Snip-its Facebook page, because it looks like they’ve got special offers and discounts for folks who “like” them.


  1. Combing our 3-year-old’s hair after a bath is the most awful thing we can ever do to her… 3 times a week is a screaming fiesta at our house.

  2. Sue

    We can’t even get my 3 year old little boy to sit still for a real haircut. After numerous screaming matches and headlocks at the salon, we’ve resorted to giving him buzz cuts at home. I just showed him the pictures of Snip-Its and he said he wanted to go there. Maybe he can finally get a real haircut!

  3. Anne Burger

    I have 3 girls with different hair types, one is thick & curly, the other is wavy and somewhat thick & the youngest if thin & straight, Keeping all 3 girls hair neat & combed is always a losing task!

  4. Heather

    This time of the year with the weather so dry my daughters hair is so frizzy and impossible to brush after a bath. I keep asking her if she wants a haircut like her grandfather (hes pretty much bald!) so we can avoid the nightly screamfest!

  5. jenny

    My husband and I both have straight hair, so I’m not really sure from where our daughter got curls. Neither of us have any clue how to manage her wild, curly hair.

  6. Danielle

    My 5 year old daughter has has ear tubes twice and cries almost every time we wash her hair because she’s afraid it will either go in her eyes or her ears. She has beautiful blond hair that looks beautiful when it’s clean, but stringy when it’s dirty 🙁 She loves going to the salon because they have the sink and the sprayer and can avoid the eyes and ears.

  7. Jen

    It is a huge challenge just to comb my son’s hair let alone get a haircut! I am hoping that taking him to Snip-Its will help him enjoy getting a haircut so we can actually get his hair cut once in a while.

  8. christine g.

    our best moment by far was dressing E up as Elvis for his first Halloween complete with sideburns. He was only four months old but rocking such a mop of hair that he really pulled it off!

  9. I.C.

    My daughter has super fine hair that sticks up every which way with the slightest touch (bed, shirt on, touching it, etc.). So, we “should” comb it multiple times a day, but we are lucky to get it combed once!

  10. Rebecca J.

    My 7 year old daughter has never had a real haircut, for some reason her hair doesn’t grow…and of course all she wants is to go to go to a “real place” and have her hair cut. She went to the barber shop when my son got his hair cut and for months after asked if she could go to the barber shop to get hers cut…I told her that girls go to salons, so now every time we pass one at the mall she tells me when her hair gets long enough, she is going so she can wear one of the capes. Finally, her hair is about to her shoulders, so I will be taking her soon…for a very small trim 🙂

  11. My daughter was born with so much hair that I think she’s just used to people playing with it all the time! She even allows me to french braid it with no complaints and loves getting it washed and blown dry. At 2 and half she’s only had 2 haircuts and both have been by me, so I think it’s time she got a “real” haircut. 🙂

  12. Bekki

    My daughter’s hair is so beautiful….when she lets me brush it. My biggest frustration is having to chase her around the house, brush in hand! I think it’s time for a cut. Thanks for the chance to win this! 🙂

  13. Judy K

    My daughter’s hair always gets a knot in the back. We’ve tried many different products and conditioners, but nothing seems to work. She’ll let us brush her hair only after many threats to shave her head.

  14. Jillya

    My 6-year old chews on her hair in the front when she gets nervous or is in deep thought. She has beautiful hair, and it is cut in the cutest little bob with fringy bangs. HOWEVER, the front part is the perfect length to dip right into her mouth which is a real problem. Every morning I have to hack at the spitty tangles which makes both of us crazy.

  15. Nicole

    My 5 year old daughter has beautiful curly hair but this always creates a problem in the morning when it is time to do something with it. Almost every night the “rats” visit and create a tangled mess. So while I love her curls they also create a challenge.

  16. betsy

    Our 4 yr old wakes up every morning with a huge knot of bed hair on the back of her head. Some mornings she cries hysterically about how crazy it looks and can I brush it please with detangler. Other mornings she wakes with the same hair and cries hysterically if I offer to brush it … Those are the days bed hair makes a lovely appearance at preschool usually combined with a Punky Brewster-esque outfit.

  17. Kathryn

    When we brought our adopted son home from Russia every social worker told us that the first haircut would be pretty bad, since he was in the baby home for so long he lacked tactical stimuli. When his hair finally got so we couldn’t stand it anymore we went to snip its in CP. They were so nice and all the other children were screaming and my little boy was smiling when she sprayed water on him, and I knew it was going to be okay.

  18. Nichole

    My 4 year old daughter recently watched Tangled and I thought she’d never want to cut her long hair again. But instead I overheard her telling her grandma that if she cut her hair it it would turn brown “like Rapunzel’s”.

  19. Michelle

    Choosing my biggest pet peeve regarding hair. Hm.
    I’m going to have to go with my youngest child and her feral look. She rarely allows me to brush it, and when she does finally consent, it is only with lots of tears.
    (I just took a moment to go back and read the entries, and I’m noticing a theme!)

  20. Michelle

    I suppose I’ll spice it up a bit and add how proud I was of A’s decision to donate 8 inches of hair to Locks of Love this fall. The fancy pants layer-y haircut the woman at the haircut place gave her is a 6 year old’s style nightmare (it never lays right and I don’t have the time, patience or inclination to attack it with a straightener/curling iron as would be required to keep the ‘do) but thems the breaks, right? She’s already looking forward to it growing so she can donate again! I’m looking forward to a trim to even out the layer-y weirdness. And ponytails. I kind of miss ponytails!

  21. Danielle

    Cutls curls and more curls while they can look super cute they csn also look super messy and never fun to brush through. Breaks my heart when I have to chase my two year old around and she says mommy do nice please

  22. Jennifer

    My daughters got the most beautiful soft curls. Unfortunately she gets the worst knots in her hair too. Our biggest frustration is trying to coax her out from under the table and having daddy hold her while I comb her hair as quickly as I can.

  23. merce

    My daughters love to get their haircut. Everyday management is a little more difficult, especially for my middle daughter who has curly hair!

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