Bare Feet and Bad Hair

First, this weather is nutty. When the girls got home from school yesterday and today, it was glorious. Today J used chalk to draw yoga mats on our driveway and led us in a stretching class. We’ve decided that J and I should be in an advanced class while Cute W and M need to be assigned to Remedial Stretching. Then we had about 4 minutes of hail! It was so quick that by the time I’d gotten my camera, it was over.

But yesterday I got some pictures of the girls running around as scantily clad as I would permit. Here’s J rocking the cutest rain boots ever. Stylish girl!

Of course the best part about boots is that you can sneak into them without socks and then “accidentally” fling them off while you’re getting pushed on the swing. J’s looking over her shoulder at one of the boots she lost.

All the comments about people’s hair issues made me feel much better about the magnificent rat’s nest that was in the back of M’s hair so consistently that my mother-in-law named it.

Here’s M checking out Winnie the Poo waaaayyy too close to the tv. Do you ever say to your kid, “Hey! Stop doing that! But wait, let me get a quick picture of you, and then you should stop”?

Here are M and Suzy Snarl at Chuck E. Cheese:

And here’s the snarly-haired child getting inundated with gifts at Christmas time:

Finally, here’s a picture of M on a day when I’d successfully combed her hair and gotten it into a ponytail. I can practically see the little thought bubble over my head saying something like, “That child is so freakin’ adorable when I manage to get her hair brushed!”

Looking through the old photos became a time-sucking nostalgia trip for me, of course, but I did at least get an idea for another post coming up later this week. But for those of you who are currently dealing with hair issues. Take a couple of pictures of that bad hair, okay? Because believe it or not, someday you’ll actually miss it.

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