And So It Has Come To Pass

Cute W arrived home from work and asked, “What time are you going to your Snobby Book Group?” Uhhh. . . I’d forgotten about it entirely. Nevertheless, I’d read the book (Let the Great World Spin), and there’s always good food (tonight, homemade baklava by a mother of 4 boys under 6, not like you should feel inadequate, but holy crap, how can one not feel inadequate?) and plenty of wine. So of course I had to go.

In any case, I got behind schedule. So, I’m shifting gears for today’s weekend post. I’ve said for a while now that it’s a goal  for me to stop doing the weekly listings as I’ve been doing them. With, I can rely on listings that the different libraries and museums and other organizations create all by themselves. And it’s getting to the point where it’s just silly for me to replicate the work. In a month or two, we’ll have a special report that will allow me to do listings very similar to what I’ve always done, except that 1) I won’t have to work so hard to find the information and 2)  listings will be updated and accurate because they’ve been created by the organizations themselves.

For now, we’ve got a bit of a transition: I’ll highlight what I think is especially interesting or fun, and I’ll link to for events each day.  Hopefully, by sometime in March, I’ll have listings that look quite similar to what I’ve usually done, except that I’ll have extra time to write more creative and fun stuff, too.

The main reason that I started Capital District Fun was that I felt like families really needed easier access to information about all that’s fun in the Capital District. The secret, unstated reason was that I was interested in writing, and I didn’t have any confidence that anyone would be willing to read what I wrote unless I provided a huge amount of information as well. When I started the blog, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep up with it for a whole week. There was never a long-range plan in which I spent years and years typing events in for another weekend post. offers a splendid opportunity for me to ensure that you all know what’s happening while allowing me to focus on the writing that I enjoy so much. In fact, if anyone has any suggestions or favorite posts or topics, I’d love to hear about it, because I’m excited to use this time and energy to spend on writing new and different stuff, for Capital District Fun and other projects.

Thank you, especially, to all of you who have commented or emailed me with kind words since I started Capital District Fun. Your encouragement has made me two things which I didn’t realize, but it turns out I had always wanted to be: a braver person  and a writer.


  1. Danielle

    Any time you talk about your lack of perfection as a mom. We all feel that way, but are afraid to say it. I know that I hate “burdening” my husband with my list of grievances about the kids after he has had a crappy day at work, so I keep a lot in, and feel like I’m winging this motherhood thing! Reading that you also have had a child with a snarl on the back of her head for two years makes me feel a whole lot better!

  2. HollowSquirrel

    wah! But completely understandable. Thankfully, Kids Out and About’s Deb shares your witty and smart writing style. Katie, I’ll always be willing to read what you write. Just remember — you’re much awesome-er than you realize. 🙂 And that’s why I’m not a writer. xoxo

  3. Michelle

    I started visiting your blog to find out about stuff to do. I keep coming back because I enjoy reading what you write!

  4. Jill

    I’ve known you were an awesome writer ever since you had written the NMG newsletter…I don’t even remember how long ago that was. At least 5 years ago. But back then I remember saying I loved how you wrote, because I could hear your voice, the way you spoke, and it was fun to read. Keep it up!

  5. Oh! Just noticed all of these comments had popped up. Yay.

    Thank you very much guys. Although HollowSquirrel, I’ve got to disagree on the “I’m not a writer” part–you need my new Christina Katz quote that I just put on my bulletin board: “Actual writers actually write.”

  6. I, too, have a hard time finding things for not only my own children to do, but for the group as well. It’s not a BAD thing to borrow from another. We’re MOMS….this is one simple way on how we help each other out. I keep coming back and reading what you write to see that I’m not the only one who “borrows” ideas. Don’t get down on yourself! <3

  7. Katie, you are a wonderful writer and I knew that years ago even from the emails you sent me. Thank you for breaking the ice of the blogging / writing pool for both of us: you inspired me to begin blogging several months after you started. Frankly, I tend to read your “written” blog posts more than your “event” lists — while the lists are often informative, your writing is the REAL gift. Huzzah!

  8. Thanks Deb. And thanks for always being a cheerleader and resource–for me and also, it seems, about 1/3 of all people in the Capital District.

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