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We’ve got Cute W’s parents visiting, and our schedule is packed with the normal activities that have become events because Grandma & Grandpa aren’t usually here. They both went along to J’s piano lesson this afternoon, so it was like a mini-recital. It’s conceivable that 2 to 4 of us will descend on the library for my usual book-shelving gig during M’s class. Then there’s still gymnastics, soccer, and ice skating. Cute W was excited to see that the soccer team we’re playing this week has a pretty bad record, increasing the chances for his parents to see an M goal in person. And on Sunday we’ve got Cupid’s Cabaret at our church, where Cute W is the emcee and M is singing with the junior choir.

It’s the Clifton Park Winterfest 2012 on Saturday. They’re valiantly trying to act like this is a real winter.

Meanwhile on Sunday, they’re thinking summer already at  the Mid-Winter Summer Blowout at the Schenectady JCC. This is free for everyone. Yes, okay, they’ll probably try to suck you into wanting to come back again and pay for it, but go ahead and let them woo you. Why not? Kids love a bouncey-bounce, the pool is warm, everyone is friendly, and there are lots of free exercise classes, too, so you can get your significant other to play in the water with the kids while you take a class. I like the JCC, and not just because they’ve been known to let me come and take a Pilates or yoga class out of the goodness of their hearts. Although that does make me like them more.

Here’s the link to this week’s e-newsletter. Come on & subscribe. If you read this week’s newsletter, you’d know that there’s still a chance to win another Snip-its giveaway, and you’d know what now-famous actor I saw in a high school play. I mean, seriously, this is some essential information for you. Also some Valentine’s Day activities.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of checking out any of the shows at Steamer 10 over February break, you should know that they’re beginning to sell out, so get going, people!

Here’s a list of what’s happening each day of the weekend:


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