Serenity Now

Cute W left for a business trip that will keep him away from us until Friday, so I’m going to go easy on myself tonight and do one of my favorite things: update a brand-new calendar! You might think, considering that I blog and work for a website, that I’d be all tech-savvy and linked into calendars floating in the cloud. Not so. I’m a paper girl. In fact, I’m a paper girl who’s purchased practically the same calendar for a few years in a row now.

This year, the buy wasn’t a moment too soon. The calendar runs out at December 2012, so I’ve had all of these scrawled-in notes that I have to transfer.

Writing all of our various obligations with a tidy pen just fills me with joy. Yes, I know that the calendar will eventually be messy and battle-scarred, but for a little while, at least, it will appear as if I have everything under control. And so I’m going to plant myself in front of a chick flick and write in all of the gymnastics classes and soccer games and dentist appointments and tomorrow morning I will wake up, look at it all, and feel Super Awesome.

Of course, as I thought of that, I realized that tomorrow it will be September 11th again. And so I’ll link to my two-years-ago post on September 11th o and I don’t think I’ll be making any more observances this year.


  1. @Erin, it’s wonderful to feel like you’re in control of something, isn’t it? But that sounds like the sort of comment that should have included a link! 😉

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