Camping at Northampton Beach

I’d retrieved M from Cape Cod on Thursday because we had a weekend family camping trip already planned before she was invited on the vacation.  I’d checked out my list of recommended places to camp, and we decided on Northampton Beach on Lake Sacandaga largely because it was one of the few campgrounds that still … [Read more…]

Best. Mom. Ever.

Guess who drove to Cape Cod in one day yesterday? Yep, me. M was invited for the week, but we had family stuff this weekend, so I went to fetch her. I decided to make it a mini-vacation, complete with lobster roll and onion rings. . . (For some reason my “More” link isn’t working … [Read more…]


The girls and I went to see The Giver. We all loved the book.  I was especially excited to finally have a new release to see asap with J, because M and I had gone to see The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Catching Fire for their opening nights, but J hadn’t read the books in … [Read more…]

Keeping Time

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, so of course M was inspired: she desperately needed to clean out her closet. Oh, man! Really?  But this was a task that I’d been nagging about for a long time, and she very politely asked me for help. So I took one for the team and spent … [Read more…]

My Vacation

So what does a girl do when the whole entire family is out of town? Well, I: Watched Cirque Éloize and wrote a review of it. I really enjoyed the show, but it was a little bit tragic because I went All. By. Myself. I had a press pair of tickets, but I got them … [Read more…]

Shopping Adventures and Misadventures

Last week involved some shopping. Oh, come on. Much as I loathe shopping, most weeks include at least some shopping, right? But since I was striking out into uncharted territory, I took some pictures along the way. First, Hannaford has bowed to the massive grocery competition yet again. When grocery stores starting cropping up hither, … [Read more…]

The Long Week Ends

I dropped Cute W, M, & J at the airport this morning. They are going to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Kansas City. This is the third time I’ve had a summer vacation-from-the-family. Airplane tickets are expensive, and who are we kidding? For Grandma & Grandpa, it’s really all about the grandkids, anyway. Usually I … [Read more…]