Keeping Time

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, so of course M was inspired: she desperately needed to clean out her closet. Oh, man! Really?  But this was a task that I’d been nagging about for a long time, and she very politely asked me for help. So I took one for the team and spent all morning inside, pondering which artwork which needed to be saved forever and picking up picking little plastic beads out of a box full of change and Krazy gluing knick knacks.

But I loved re-discovering this little beauty (you can click on it to make the image bigger):

(For some reason my “More” link isn’t working properly at the moment–there is more, and you can click the title of the blog post to read it.)

A while back, I posted about how being a big explainer is part of my parenting style, complete with graphical representations of our schedules and calendars. Well, this poster was one of my early efforts, but it makes a lovely little artifact showing what our daily life was like back when the kids were, say, 4-ish and 2-ish. At the time, I was attempting to tackle the way-too-early wake-up time, so I made a 24-hour clock and shaded the time when everyone should be in bed dark. For night-time (it’s a little faded now). To emphasize the point, I labeled the time between 5 & 6 am as “too early” with a picture of making a crooked, crabby yawn. Then I labeled the time between 6 & 7 am as “Time to Wake Up” with a picture of myself acting like I enjoyed waking up at 6 am. I did not, and I still don’t. But apparently I was a good faker, at least back when the kids were young enough to be super-gullible. I even worked our favorite PBS show into the schedule (M said, “I remember that show! I think her name was Cassie. . . .”)

Here’s the late afternoon/evening portion of the routine. How cute are they?

I’m really missing the whole head-upstairs-at-7 pm routine, you guys. Now that the kids are old and it’s summer time, it’s very difficult for Cute W and I to get a chance to watch all of our favorite tv shows, which always seems to be  deeply inappropriate.

I did manage to get outside later. Plus, that closet looks awesome.

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