1. Mary Ellen Whiteley

    As I can not be trusted around Snickers bars , I never buy candy until the actual day of Halloween. This year I will add some non candy choices as per your suggestions. Thanks for the fun, informative article.

  2. Big Sister

    Last year, we had absolutely no trick or treaters in the new neighborhood I moved to and I was forced to eat the whole bag of Snickers by myself- because my husband hates Snickers. And of course, I knew that when I bought them. Thanks for the good ideas!

  3. I’m honored that my dryad costume helped inspire J! Her costume is beautiful! I hope she loved wearing it and her circlet stayed in place 🙂

    If it makes you feel any better, my methods of creating a costume aren’t that much different than yours… a lot of pinning, trial and error and the sweet bliss of the glue gun 😉 Hope you both had a wonderful Halloween!

  4. Oh, Sarah, she loved it! And we actually DID go out and have her pose on a tree stump before she headed out trick-or-treating. Thanks for the inspiration!

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