Summer Traditions

A guest-kid recently asked me what kind of lemonade I buy. Because it is delicious. I’m telling you: it is delicious. And my answer was smug: I make it!   But there’s really nothing to be smug about, because it’s unbelievably easy. I just mix approximately 1 cup lemon juice (I usually use ReaLemon) with … [Read more…]

Western Vacation

As you may have guessed from the crickets chirping on the blog, our family was away on vacation for two whole weeks. It was truly epic. We flew out to Denver, spent a week in Colorado hanging around with Cute W’s family and hiking in the mountains, then went on our own for a few … [Read more…]

Fish Stories

A few weeks ago J attended a marathon bat mitzvah in which we dropped her off at our local neighborhood temple and picked her up roughly 3 weeks later up in Saratoga. Okay, you’re right, it wasn’t three weeks later–I’m exaggerating–but it was, like, seven hours later, which seems to be a truly courageous length … [Read more…]