Summer Vacation in Colorado: The Sequel

After spending the 4th of July in CaƱon City, we said good-bye to some relatives and joined some other relatives in Westcliffe, Colorado. The plan was to meet for lunch, but some of us were confused because we didn’t have a name of a restaurant or an address to punch into the GPS. That’s because … [Read more…]

I’m a Leftovers Ninja

Not too long ago I was complaining about how my family is completely leftover-averse, even when I package some leftover turkey into a delicious turkey pot pie. Everyone but me looks at “best by” and “sell by” dates as if they are ironclad expiration dates instead of gentle suggestions which are designed to cover food … [Read more…]

Summer Vacation in Colorado

We were out of town from July 3rd to July 18th on a big ol’ vacation. It started with the kids’ Grandpa, who wanted to take his family back to the mountains in Colorado where he used to camp and hike years ago. So he came up with a plan for a week-long family vacation, … [Read more…]

I Won’t Lie: I’m Sort of Missing School

I know: it’s been forever. I’ve written several posts that have been rejected right before I hit “publish” because I realized that they would annoy or embarrass my children. This was much easier when they were teensy. Ever since the kids have started school, I realize at the beginning of summer that summer is challenging. … [Read more…]