KEVA Queen

I’m not actually a KEVA Queen. I’m merely a runner-up. What did you do for your work today? Maybe changed diapers, went to an office, taught some kids, cleaned a house? I played with blocks. Except that since we are grown-ups, we called it designing and constructing with KEVA planks at miSci. No, you guys. … [Read more…]

A Quick Fall Fun Round-Up

So, last night I visited with a bunch of moms in Saratoga, many of whom are pretty new to the area, and I put together a fall fun list for them. I was trying to focus a little more north than I usually do, and I skipped some things as too obvious (if you have … [Read more…]

Vermont Swimming Hole

On one of our weekend visits to family in Vermont, we decided to do a little side trip and check out a swimming hole. Did you know that there’s a website that lists swimming holes?  Of course there is: it’s! That’s how Cute W found Hamilton Falls, which was a bit under two hours … [Read more…]

End-of-Summer Camping

For our last week of summer, we managed to squish in a last camping trip. This year we’d planned to camp in Colorado (which didn’t happen due to weather), in Moab Utah (one night, super fun, more here), and at the Grand Canyon (also excellent, more about it here). Frankly, I thought that the family … [Read more…]

In the School Groove

Phew! I’m glad that’s over. The first day of school, I mean. Yep, we’re Nisky, so the kids started school yesterday. M’s starting 8th grade and J’s starting 5th grade, which means that this is my last year as an elementary-school parent. Unbelievable. Actually, I’m starting to feel like an “old” parent. The other day … [Read more…]