End-of-Summer Camping

For our last week of summer, we managed to squish in a last camping trip. This year we’d planned to camp in Colorado (which didn’t happen due to weather), in Moab Utah (one night, super fun, more here), and at the Grand Canyon (also excellent, more about it here). Frankly, I thought that the family would be camped out. I was wrong.

This was partly due to friends: M, who never wants to invite anyone anywhere, had to acknowledge that it would be a kindness to invite her dying-to-go-camping friend on a camping trip. J knew that two of her friends were camping, and I wanted to offer her a social camp. So we ended up having a couple of friends along.

We went back to Northampton Beach on Lake Sacandaga, where we’d gone last year. Honestly, I don’t think we’d go again. It’s a lovely spot, and last year we really enjoyed it when we weren’t being invaded by skunks (yes it’s a story). This year, the vibe was a little bit different, and we realized that it was because last year we’d camped over a gloomy weekend. This time, it was beautiful, and everyone came. Like, everyone. And they brought their motorboats, their six-packs of beer, and their cartons of cigarettes. Okay, okay: it wasn’t that bad. The setting was still scenic and there were plenty of families, but it felt like people were there more to party than to appreciate nature. Next time we might head back to Little Sand Point on Lake Piseco or somewhere else a bit mellower. Still, the girls had a terrific time: they kayaked, swam, played mini-golf, explored, and found a fun tree swing (how unbelievably strong does my little J look?):

camping swing cropped


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  1. Big Sister

    That J. looks like she’s totally made up of “Awesome”! Makes me happy to imagine jumping in!

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