Kidz Expo This Weekend

I’ll be spending all day long tomorrow at the Empire State Plaza for the Hannaford Kidz Expo. My colleagues June, Amy, and I will be at a KidsOutAndAbout table, likely in the convention center. Hey, you could come visit me.

If you’ve never been to the expo, it’s a little crazy-pants, actually. There are tons of things going on throughout the day, and it’s all free, and it’s also many, many people. You can meet Berenstain Bears and Marvel Super Heroes and Star Wars characters, you can do mini-golf and laser tag and yoga, you can ride a mini train through the concourse, and you can scoop all sorts of random free stuff from folks who would like you to come to their school, summer camp, or after school activity. Of course, there are also lines and fair-style food and navigating to the different activities without missing anything can be tough. I have a bit of advice that I’m pretty sure that I shared on tv the other day, talking about it. I’m not absolutely sure, because I never watch myself on tv. So there are always a bunch of things that I plan to say, and then I say some of them and hope for the best and tear the microphone out from under my shirt and flee as quickly as possible. Perhaps I need to seek counseling.

Anyway, here’s what I think: if you’re going to go to the Kidz Expo, plan it like you’re going to Disney World. Check out the website and examine the map and pick your top priorities. Pack snacks. Think slightly too much about your stroller and/or carrier strategy. Get there early. Expect to be overstimulated and headache-y by the end of the day. If you have a child aged 4 and under, expect at least one tantrum. And yet, once you’re home in your pajamas with a glass of wine, you will probably be glad that you went.


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