Hands Off

I shared this article about how we’re supposed to nag the heck out of our daughters on the KidsOutAndAbout Facebook page, and my friend pointed out another article about how we’re ruining our kids by overparenting, and he was teasing me when he said to reconcile them. It’s easy. Nag the hell out of your … [Read more…]

Beware Sunday Afternoons in September

We are getting settled into our routine for the most part. That’s good. But we’re not entirely settled. Every homework assignment is something new, every quiz the first quiz, and that makes the atmosphere tense, particularly on a Sunday afternoon. Because no one does homework on Friday or Saturday, right? J can barely restrain herself … [Read more…]

Nostalgia Trips

Just in time for Halloween, one of my favorite childhood books suddenly appeared on Paperback Swap, so of course I snapped it up. It’s Jane Emily by Patricia Clapp. Very creepy. The book arrived and I waved it in front of both of my children, neither of whom seemed remotely interested. I want to re-read … [Read more…]

Look, Everybody!

  For the past few weeks I have been taking my just-enough-to-be-functional WordPress know-how and pulling it and stretching it like Silly Putty in order to help make a new website for the Working Group on Girls of Schenectady, Inc. I’ve been volunteering as a muse for a while (as you know), and these days … [Read more…]


Hey! How’s everyone doing? The girls are good. So far, high school and middle school are working out okay. They’ve got people to sit with at lunch, their homework load has yet to ramp up, there are favorite and least favorite teachers. . . and I’m very excited to settle into the routine. I’ve been … [Read more…]

Summer’s Going Out with a Whimper

Actually, I kept thinking that yesterday, when it was so gloomy and grey. I was like, really, this is one of our final waning days of summer? I demand a do-over for this one! The truth is, I’m completely ready for school to begin. I’ve taken on some additional responsibilities at KidsOutAndAbout, I am hard … [Read more…]