February Break!

Over the years, I’ve mentioned that February break is not my favorite among the school holidays. In fact, once upon a time, I called a post “Mwa, ha, ha, HA! The Dreaded February Break!” and some random stranger chastised me in the comments about how I wasn’t properly appreciative of my time with my lovely children. I can’t seem to find that comment now, but it sure made me feel crappy.

I wasn’t particularly psyched about the upcoming week this year, either. M has been not-very-social lately, and J tends to struggle with free time, either coming up with ambitious projects that inadvertently turn into a time-suck for us both or getting sucked into a tv marathon and then getting annoyed with herself for not using her time more productively. Plus, amid all the kids’ free time, I still have my normal amount of work to do. But actually, the break totally flew by!

Monday was a bit of a lost day for me, actually. It was Cute W’s birthday and he was home from work, but I’d gotten sick overnight from Sunday to Monday–really, grossly sick. In the morning I got up and said hello to everyone and, oh, I don’t know, read the paper, and then I went right back to bed and slept for about five hours. I managed to rouse myself to get some work done and run an errand before making birthday dinner for Cute W, except that I was so pathetic that he ended up helping to make his ownbirthday dinner.

One of my errands was a promised trip to the mall with M, where she got a couple of new pairs of leggings and . . . wait for it. . . a second pair of holes for her ears. I was not entirely thrilled with the idea, but she’d been wanting them for a while. Actually, I hadn’t realized that she’d been wanting them for a while, because I think she mentioned it three or four times, and every time she did, I said, “hmm,” and then promptly blocked it out and forgot about it. However, I never seriously considered saying no. Why, just last month we were chanting “My body, my choice!/Her body, her choice!” and she is almost 15 now. I did, however, stipulate that this would be the final family-sponsored piercing for her. Then, once she got them done, well: they look pretty cute. Although, let’s face it, everything looks pretty cute on that girl.

Cute W had a business thing to do in New York City on Tuesday afternoon, and we ended up going along with him to make it a quick overnight mini-vacation, so all of Tuesday and Wednesday were busy. I’ll post more on that later.

On Thursday we were mostly just recovering, and then J had gymnastics practice to keep her occupied. Then on Friday she had pretty much a full Day O’ Fun with her BFF. M had a couple of brutal soccer games–we have not been having the best soccer time this year, but M’s looking forward to starting practice outside today. As far as she’s concerned outdoor is pretty much always better than indoor.

And you can see how well I did with basic tasks since I think I started writing this on Thursday and I’m only finally hitting publish on Tuesday. Personally, I love school. I’m finally catching up again!


  1. Jo Anne Assini

    So sorry you were sick! I would have made a dinner for Wade had I known. Next time please call!!!

  2. Claire

    Now I’m paranoid that I might have been the one who commented about enjoying the extra time with your kids! Although I can’t imagine I would have done it in a chastising manner. If it was me, I apologize! I do enjoy the extra time with my son now that he’s in school fulltime, and sometimes I feel like school is more work than having him at home! That being said, February break is normally not my favorite school vacation, due to the time of year. This year I loved it, though, because the weather was so great! I’m sorry you were sick.

  3. Claire

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that (although I’m glad it wasn’t me!). It’s too bad when people can’t express their opinions, or just share their experiences, without trying to make the other person feel bad.

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