End of Summer Crunch

It’s been busy. I am so way behind in catching up with everything going on. The girls are home quite a bit, which makes it tough to get “work-work” done. For example, I’ll be in the middle of writing something and suddenly J’s over my shoulder, reading what I’m writing, and then I can’t keep writing. Or she does all sorts of experimental recipes that end up requiring assistance or clean-up in spite of her best efforts. Or both of the girls are de-cluttering their rooms and trying on last year’s fall clothes, and I fully support that, but it means that next thing you know I am sorting all of their rejects. Plus, I’ve agreed to repaint M’s room. Really, the time to do it is before school starts, but, ugh, I’m just not in the mood to do it. But the thing is, a few months ago J had requested a repaint and I’d jumped at the chance in part because she her previous paint choice was so very dark (remember?).  When she finally asked about changing it up, I said, “YES! Let’s DO this!” So it hardly seemed fair not to give M a new paint job when she asks, too.

So I haven’t caught you up on J getting braces or her volleyball try-outs or other stuff,  but here are just a couple of funny things, both from M.

First, M had her second official school soccer game today. For the second time in a row, her team won by so much that I started feeling sorry for the other players and vaguely awkward in general. In any case, as M was rehashing the highlights, she gave a little gasp, remembering, and said, “OH! This girl said, ‘F@#k you, B&*(ch!’ to me!” She recounted their interaction–apparently M won the ball in moves that, in the retelling, required sound effects. As the girl retreated, she muttered to M low enough so the ref couldn’t hear, and then M went on to steal the ball from her a few more times. “And then, after the game,” M said, excited, “I gave her a big smile and said ‘Good job!’ and she had to say ‘You, too’ back!” Which, okay, it was a little passive-aggressive, but I still think she scores points.

Speaking of scoring, M had another zinger tonight at home. We were playing Zac Brown Band because M is going to see them in concert at SPAC on Saturday with a group of friends even though she is wholly unfamiliar with their music except for about two lines of “Chicken Fried.” Anyway, the music was playing and so far, no one was particularly “feeling it.” So M said, “That’s okay. SPAC’s always fun. I don’t go for the music, anyway: I go for the drugs!” Come on, man. That’s funny. At least, Cute W and I laughed. Encouraged, M continued. “You guys! You know I’m totally kidding, right? Because there are plenty of drugs right here in Niskayuna!”

She’s precious, that girl.



[for the record, the opponent in this image is not the one who f-bombed our daughter]


  1. sunny savannah

    Our girl does have her father’s sense of humor! What a package—intelligent, witty,athletic and beautiful.

  2. Claire

    Isn’t it amazing how, even with older kids who are fairly independent, it’s still so much easier to get things done when they’re away?

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