Speaking of Impatience. . .

So I went to the dealer to get a car check-up for my Rogue today. We may or may not have a significant amount of driving in our future.

Generally I don’t mind service too much. There is free wi-fi, and if your appointment is early enough you can nab your very own table. I was so early that I got the table next to an outlet and the watercooler, farthest away from the tv, so I was feeling beginning to feel like it was my lucky day.

Turns out I was wrong.

I had expected an hour-long appointment, so I’d brought along my laptop, intent on getting some work done at my faux office. Then the customer service representative came for me with a form that had So. Much. Writing. On. It.

Now I’m here for at least another couple of hours and about $1 K more than I planned on spending. Awesome.

Then, as if to pour salt in the wounds, a customer service rep came out to talk to the nice couple waiting at the table next to me. Turns out their car was due for an inspection in April. It would only take five more minutes and $10 for the dealer to slap that inspection sticker on the windshield and send them on their way. I’m feeling quite fiendishly jealous of them.

And at this point I am really mourning about my lack of foresight in not bringing along my headphones. It was a conscious decision to stay focused, but after two hours of straight work and a depressing turn of financial events, I could really go for some silly diversions. What good is my Twitter feed if I can’t click and listen to Leslie Jones doing Olympic commentary I ask you?

I started writing this to whine, and my next point was going to be that I have now sat for over two hours facing a serving dish filled with donuts decorated for Valentine’s Day. And I didn’t eat a single one. They’re exactly the kind of donuts that look like a good idea but then make you feel sick immediately post-swallow, leaving a coating of grease in your mouth that make you pine for a tongue scraper. But soon I am going to start getting very, very hungry. And yes, a part of me is thinking, “Yes, I will pay you quite a bit, but while I am here I will re-charge my laptop and drink your filtered water and maybe, just maybe, start downing as much food as becomes available. Luckily, an extraordinarily hungry couple has now joined the waiting room and effectively saved me from myself by nabbing every donut except one.

Literally, I had raised my phone to take my picture when a gentleman shuffled into the frame. I put the phone down and waited for him to move along, and next thing you know, the donuts were almost entirely cleaned out. But I appreciate it. I’m safe now. Nobody ever eats the last one.

[And here is where I’m leaving this post unpublished for the moment, just in case I break down and eat it.]

Oh my gosh, you guys, I am three and a half hours in, and they have refilled the donut container!!!

I’ve been holding strong, people, but I am not making any promises. This is, like, my personal Olympics.

Also, the woman now waiting at the next table is not hindered by her lack of headphones. She is willing to just play games on her phone and include all of us in the listening process.

Fun fact: everyone in this room who has consumed a donut is audibly snoring right now.

And. . . yes! I have heard that they’re almost done with the car. It’s just getting the “free” carwash.

No, I did not consume a donut. I deserve a medal. Which I would sell on E-bay in order to put the proceeds towards new brake pads.

Oh, and side note? When I got up to report to the cashier I realized that when I wasn’t looking, someone had finished all the donuts. I laughed out loud and barely restrained myself from taking another picture.





  1. Dave

    Unless it is for warranty work I would recommend an independently owned repair shop. Car dealers make a lot of money on their service shops.

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