Spring, Please!

I think this picture was from our last snowstorm, when it was very snowy but not particularly cold. J decided to make herself some tea and head out to read in the snow.

I am ready for spring. Like real, full-on spring.

In high school I used to dress up in a summery dress and pass out daisies on the first day of spring, and it was always fun, and I was always super-cold. I am ready for mud and crocuses and using that umbrella as a parasol instead of a snow shield.


  1. Claire

    The weather this “spring” has been unbelievable! We had better weather over the February vacation than we have over spring break! At least the day before Easter was pretty good, and we were able to have our egg hunt outside, grill steak for dinner and sit on the front porch swing when the western sun hit it. Let’s hope we’ll start having more days like that soon! Otherwise I suspect we’ll go from this to 90s without much of a happy medium.

  2. That’s a velcro adjustable closure that’s part of her boot, I guess so you can adjust the tightness depending on how many socks she’s wearing.

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