Home from Spain!

Yep, we went away for April break! We just got home tonight. Some people might like to spend the day after a vacation recovering and doing laundry, but we plan on spending tomorrow at a volleyball tournament–whoop, whoop!

I will catch you up on our adventures later, but here are a few pictures from this morning–which was, gosh, a long, long time ago–when I decided I needed to take some pictures of the neighborhood where we stayed in Madrid. Come to think of it, when I started to do this, Cute W pulled out his fancy camera and took what are likely to be much better pictures of the neighborhood, but this will tide us all over for the moment.

Here’s where we had breakfast. I couldn’t bring myself to take any photos inside because it wasn’t touristy and I felt like too much of a dork. Also, I was hungry. Cute W and I sat on that antique-y couch, and we all at tostada y tomate, a breakfast where they basically give you some toast and a little bowl of tomato puree and a bottle of oil and, if you’re lucky, a salt shaker, and you spread some drizzled olive oil and tomato on toast and that is breakfast.

Right after I took that first picture I walked into the middle of the street to take the picture of the church down the hill just because it’s pretty. I don’t remember what church this is, but hey, it’s pretty, right?


And then, once I got across the street, this is the little square that was usually filled with people and dogs, but this morning it was chilly and rainy, so nobody was hanging out. Generally in the mornings you’d find at least four or five old people with dogs, and then in the afternoon through early evening it was packed with people, especially tons of kids playing. The building ahead and on the right is another church, and it was being worked on, so you can see the side of the church is covered in green. To get back to our apartment you’d basically walk straight past that fountain and take a left onto our street, which dead-ended into that church.


Here’s J on the street heading to the apartment. It’s especially quiet because it was a gloomy morning, but it was pretty mellow the whole time we stayed there, even though we were next door to a restaurant.

Okay! It’s my turn for the shower, then off to an early-for-New-York, late-for-Spain bedtime.





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