Recently I mentioned that I was very excited that M was able to go to her super-fun track meet at Dartmouth in spite of her early-season injury. Well, we had low expectations because she’s still just getting back into shape, but the meet went great for her. She ran in two races (this is fairly … [Read more…]

Obsession. Success.

Recently we ran out of something at our house. When the girls heard, one of them gasped audibly. The other said, and I quote, “MOM! How could you let this happen?!?” Had we run out of Epi-pens? Heating oil? Injectable insulin? Potable water? . . . No. The fridge was full, the lights were blazing, … [Read more…]

Like Magic

About this time last year, we were getting used to the idea that M was running track. What really got her sucked into the sport was an invitation to participate in the Dartmouth Relays. When she first started out, indoor track was just an opportunity to hang out with friends and keep in shape, but … [Read more…]

Taking Down Christmas

I have finally tucked away all of our Christmas stuff, which always feels so darn bracing and refreshing. The Christmas decorations are like vacation — I love the during, but it’s pretty awesome getting back to normal, too. It felt like a particularly long stretch after Christmas this year because I like to wait until … [Read more…]