New Driver in the House!

About two days after M got her license, I started writing this post by saying that “this is taking some getting used to.” After a quick holiday break, I’m pleased to report that I am now completely and fully adjusted. But let me catch you up. M’s great tragedy is that her brand-new driver’s license … [Read more…]

A Very Special Day. That Might Make Me Throw Up.

Yesterday was one of the most highly-anticipated days in our family’s calendar. And no, it wasn’t because the new kittens were scheduled for their rabies shots (although that was super-fun, too, of course. . . ). I’ll give you a hint: yesterday was M’s 16-and-a-half-year-old-birthday. That’s right. She did the road test. The procedures are … [Read more…]


I have been feeling a little cranky for, oh, it’s been months now. There are several factors contributing to this: current events in general, the rising low-level hysteria when I ponder the college search, application, and payment process ahead of us for M, witnessing J’s frustration with the fact that she still has to be … [Read more…]

NYC for the Holidays

Last Sunday we drove down to New York City for the day.  We don’t get down there nearly enough, and I don’t think that we’d been in Manhattan around the holidays since way back when the kids were little and we went for the Thanksgiving parade. We didn’t have a particular agenda like a show to … [Read more…]