We’ve mostly avoided calamity since my last post. Mostly. Yesterday was M’s prom, and in the brief moment in which she removed her phone’s case in order to slide her official prom ticket inside for safe keeping since her dress was too va-va-va-voom for pockets, she fumbled the phone and it shattered on our driveway. It is functional as long as you’re not overly concerned about glass shards in your fingertips, which is to say, it’s not terribly functional.

Anyway, I still haven’t gotten around to reporting on the rest of our Philadelphia trip, but that might take a bit, so in the mean time here are a couple of photos I set aside to share with the title “Careful” a while back and never got around to publishing. Since apparently M and I need to be a little more careful in the future, it seemed like an appropriate time to share.

At our house, when we clean the kitty litter box, whatever we scoop goes into a brown bag. This generally works very well, but CAREFUL: if you are distracted by something between the kitty litter box and the trash can, it’s possible that you can accidentally set the bag down on the kitchen counter, which is gross in any case but can be downright dangerous if you’re still working on your Chipotle leftovers.

If you are my daughter and you accidentally manage to throw away a $20 bill, it is possible that your kindhearted trash-emptying mother will take pity on you and choose to place it in a more appropriate place within your room. It’s also possible that your mother will assume that it’s been discarded and claim it for herself like George Costanza would claim an eclair.

It’s honestly been long enough since I took this photo that I can’t remember what I did.

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