These college posts are huge, but meanwhile, what else is going on? Well, I’m sick. Yesterday I woke up long enough to say hello and goodbye to the girls and Cute W before school and work, then I went directly back to bed by about 7:45 am. It didn’t occur to me that I could possibly fall asleep and sleep right through the work meeting planned for five hours later, and yet I managed it. I pulled myself together enough to do the bare minimum of work required before reporting back to bed. It was pretty tragic. Today I am better but still not great, so I managed to drag myself out to the 1st annual Schenectady Women’s March, but now I am lying down under a blanket with no plans to move for the rest of the day if I can help it.

After all that talk about M, how’s J doing? She is excellent, but also very busy. She’s doing school track, where she’s mostly focused on hurdles and jumping, and today she’s down in Manhattan for the New Balance Games. She also had her first club volleyball tournament of the season last weekend, which was with a few teammates she’s played with frequently, but also some new-to-her girls. So she was worried that they were not ready and things might just be terrible, but they actually did pretty well. J’s also working very hard at school, and she’s particularly liking biology this year. One thing she likes to do is to draw out biology concepts on a dry erase board. I think that she is adorable.

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