More Take-Out Food

We continue to serve the community and support local businesses by ordering more take-out than usual. It is our burden to bear. Here are two we’ve liked.

We ordered from Rain Modern Chinese after the girls researched new restaurants to try that are closer to downtown Albany now that Cute W’s back to working in the office. I actually really appreciate it when the girls take on the project of choosing where we’re ordering and what we should get. When ordering take-out was more rare, we’d pick between one or two places and it was easy to decide to get “the usual.” But trying new places makes it all more complicated. When Cute W first went to work in was this long negotiation process where he’d text to ask and then I’d have to basically interview the girls separately about their preferences and then report back to him and there’d be so many negotiations back and forth that ordering take-out has felt like it’s almost as much trouble as just cooking. So when the girls went with Chinese, which we rarely get because it’s widely (in our household) considered too heavy, I just said sure, happy to have the decision made. But we really liked it. We’re a sucker for some appetizers.

Let’s see, that’s (clockwise from top left), pan fried dumplings, soup dumplings, pork belly bao, and scallion pancakes. I would really like to be the kind of person who can relish the fattiness of pork belly bao, but I am not that person. It’s too much for me. We were all especially big fans of the soup dumplings. I think that we’re still not going to order Chinese food frequently, but we liked this stuff better than anything we’ve tried closer to home. Hey, have I ever mentioned that my first job ever was at a Chinese food place? Sometimes the kitchen staff made us special dishes. It was delectable!

Cute W and I also had a picnic date where we ordered from The Cuckoo’s Nest. This place was YUM-MEE. We had some shrimp and grits and the Southerner Fried Chicken Sandwich, but the very best, most memorable item was the platter of fried green tomatoes.

We both love friend green tomatoes and these were super tasty. And if you shocked that you ordered all of this, I’m going to say our defense that we brought home a ton of leftovers. It’s just that when we try a new-to-us place we want a smorgasbord.

We will continue our valiant efforts to do what we can to support our local restaurants. As a service to the community.


  1. Maggie

    Cuckoo’s Nest has been one of our frequent take-out places during the closure! If you follow the on Facebook they post local drop offs (the high school is often one if the locations) so you don’t have to go downtown

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