Mood Boosters

You know, I’ve read a lot of dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction over the years. One of the things that used to sort of bug me about it is that the authors would always skip way ahead in time. We’d jump in with characters who were living, say, 80 or 120 years in the future, and there … [Read more…]


Recently, we went down to NYC for a quick overnight trip. First, we were picking up M. You’ve already heard that M’s Gap Year Phase 1 was working for the census. Originally, her Gap Year Phase 2 plan was to spend the harvest season volunteering at an organic farm as a WWOOFER. That seemed like … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am actually writing this on my Birthday Eve. Which is a term that we use at our house. We also use “Birthday Eve Eve” or “Birthday Week.” Usually when the Birthday Person is pointing out how the rest of the family can contribute to the multi-day Festival Of The Birthday by offering up favors … [Read more…]

Power Outage

Yesterday, Cute W drove a couple of hours away for a work thing. When he called to check in, he reported that a powerful storm had knocked out their power. Not too long after, the storm blew through our neighborhood and took the power and several trees with it. It happened super-fast. There was suddenly … [Read more…]