A Project

J is settling into school, which continues to be, if not great, at least better than expected. M has moved into Gap Year Phase 2, which you’ll hear about later. Cute W had a big ol’ virtual conference for work that went unexpectedly well. I’ve been busy with KidsOutAndAbout as well as helping with our … [Read more…]

Living in the Daily Disaster

Recently I was organizing my pantry, and among other things, that meant that I emptied out the last remnants from one of my “disaster preparedness” supply bins. I had actually started stocking up on groceries in February as the virus loomed. Eventually we realized that we’d still be getting to the grocery, and we’ve chipped … [Read more…]

COVID Silver Linings

Oh, hey, I actually sang “COVID Silver Linings” on a work Zoom, and my publisher talked about the silver linings in this week’s newsletter, but also you should know that there ARE some events happening these days, adapted for COVID. So you can click over to the newsletter to see them (or sign up for … [Read more…]