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J is settling into school, which continues to be, if not great, at least better than expected. M has moved into Gap Year Phase 2, which you’ll hear about later. Cute W had a big ol’ virtual conference for work that went unexpectedly well. I’ve been busy with KidsOutAndAbout as well as helping with our WGGS online auction and texting potential voters & volunteers, which I find very therapeutic.

Meanwhile, Cute W and I have been working on a new home improvement project. And by that I mean, Cute W has done a whole heck of a lot of work, and I have been occasionally helping and offering compliments.

J’s room repainting was a pick-me-up, and we figured that, since we’re likely to be spending way too much time at home for the foreseeable future, perhaps we could make some more improvements around the house. Like. . . TA DA!!

Finally getting rid of the awful 1970s faux wood paneling along our stairway that I have loathed, LOATHED, L-O-A-T-H-E-D since we moved into this house!

Okay, y’all, this image does not capture the true horror of this wall. It is a big, big wall, and the wood paneling was so dark. It felt positively oppressive. That’s right: WAS so dark. Because Cute W ripped it all off and replaced it with drywall.

Whoo, hoo! Now, I know what you’re thinking: this wall needs some paint. And yes, that’s true. It’s a big job and we’re pacing ourselves. But meanwhile, I am already completely thrilled. Literally almost every time I walk up the stairs, I squeal with pleasure. Because the entire upstairs hallway feels so much bigger and brighter. And yes, okay, part of the reason why it suddenly feels so spacious is that we’ve moved a ton of stuff out of the area for the duration of the DIY project. But it’s still a massive, massive improvement.

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