Hunkered Down for the Holidays

J’s school is online only again all week after COVID spread from people’s Thanksgivings. We are all thinking that they’d do well to just keep everyone learning online through the holidays since folks can’t seem to manage to stay home. Of course we’re hoping for a snow day tomorrow. With snow in the forecast, the school district sent out an email saying that if there’s snow they’ll plan for a good, old-fashioned actual snow day instead of trying to get kids to learn online. Hooray!. J had just been lamenting the Death of Snow Days last night, and it’s been a sore point all fall as kids realized that online school would mean no reason to cancel class. It was like: okay, 2020 is terrible and now there’d be no more snow days, ever? So when I read the email, I cried. I’m just so glad that they’ve kept this opportunity for joy for the kiddos.

We’ve been getting ready for Christmas. There will be no travel, but since we had travel issues last year, at least we’ve learned where to walk to see luminaries.

The girls are grown-up now, so they’ve graduated from writing letters to Santa and instead they share their Google presentations with me, filled with links. It is a little comical because they have been trained by school to actually make them presentation-worthy.

And Santa has already filled her first stocking, and tucked it into a box to ship to Colorado for M.

Sigh. I am already predicting that this might not be my favorite Christmas ever. But I guess we’ll just do our best to enjoy what we can. Like our advent calendars, which provided this teeny-tiny cheese plate with accompanying teeny-tiny bottle of wine.


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