DIY Dermatology

Not too terribly long ago, someone in our family felt the need for a bit of dermatological assistance. There was some “maskcne” and overall, we had to concede that things were a little rough. We made an appointment, got some advice, and now they are back to delightfully dewy and glowing splendor. Recently, I was chatting with someone else who had a teen who was not feeling too fantastic about their face and I took a couple of pictures, and I decided this could be a helpful PSA for others.

Of course, there are more factors that could come into play, like working over a deep fryer as your part time job and such, but if you know someone who generally eats pretty healthfully and washes their face at bedtime who’s still having some struggles, here was our the dermatologist-recommended routine for that resulted in reclaiming gorgeous skin.


Basically, CerVe is the go-to. First, on the left, a cleaners. This one’s a little gentler than the specifically anti-acne cleanser. When we first started, we just used the cleanser on the left and the lotion on the right for the morning routine. The lotion is SPF 30, which means that I was passing it around to the other moms at last weekend’s track meet. It is a lovely face sunscreen. The item in the middle is the only prescription product we used, and our orders were to use all the other things first for a week or so, then if the skin wasn’t reacting to anything, we could get the prescription stuff to hurry the process along. I don’t know if it would have been necessary, but we got it fairly quickly because if you’re trying to decide if you’d like acne for another few weeks or get rid of it immediately, the latter choice seems best.


Still more CeraVe, but the specific acne cleanser for evening, followed by a thin layer of the Differin gel stuff which I had never heard of but was at my local grocery store, and then night-time moisturizer.

Incidentally, remember back when I was telling people to make sure that they had sufficient vitamin D during the winter? Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation and promotes wound healing, so it’s an excellent helper, too.

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