DC Trip

Cute W had a conference in Washington, DC, and since I am an empty nester who works entirely online, I came along for the ride. We left on Thursday, my birthday, and arrived in time for a late birthday dinner at Baan Siam. I had made a careful study of the most highly recommended dishes … [Read more…]

A Cyber Gathering Spot

Over the years, I have many posts that are some of my favorites, but the single post that has brought in the oddest assortment of far-flung readers who are supremely grateful for finding Capital District Post is a post that doesn’t have anything to do with local happenings or being a mom. It’s this post … [Read more…]

Less Plastic

I’ve talked about various reusables before, but in the continuing quest to use less plastic, I have a couple more suggestions. First, this Tru Earth laundry detergent. Yes, I still use those balls, but I like a nice smell, too. These are little strips that look like teensy fabric softeners, but they actually dissolve into … [Read more…]