Spring Weather

Wow, it’s pretty snowy here. It’s already melting, but here’s a picture from a few days ago.

On the one hand, I do not support snowfall in March (or — yikes! — later).

On the other hand, I realized that I’ve become an Upstate New Yorker in terms of being acclimated to the weather. I just took some recycling outside while wearing a t-shirt and Crocs on my bare feet and I looked around and said, “Hey, it’s a pretty great day out.” And then I realized that the sky is still that dreary snow-grey and reasoned to myself, “okay, not sunny, but nice and warm.” And then I checked the weather on my phone and it is 35 degrees.

But really, it feels warm. It’s just amazing how springtime 35 degrees feels so much better than November 35 degrees. Lately, when I’m driving, I’ve been turning off the heat and opening the window. Now, sure, that may be partly because I am 52 years old, but it’s also because it genuinely feels delightful.

I love spring. I took a walk with Cute W the other day, when it was sunny and mild, and I kept making weird little squeaks of joy. He kept thinking I’d thought of something new to tell him, but nope, it was just my appreciation for the warm sunshine squeaking out of my face. I fully expect that the next couple of weeks will fly by, and then we’ll be into April. And sure, sure, April is a mixed bag around here, but it still beats the hell out of February.

This spring is also full of anticipation because I have all of my new native seeds and baby plants planted, and I am nervous/excited to see what will thrive and what will have disappeared as if it never happened. One of my projects in the coming month or so is to create some sort of signage so that people no that No Mow May isn’t neglect so that I hopefully don’t get reported again! But meanwhile, there’s a lot of snow to melt first.

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  1. Nana in Savannah

    Love the photo of the peaceful neighborhood covered in snow. I’m so happy that it takes so little to make you happy enough to squeak with joy! And, that is also super nice for cute “W”.

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