Delicious Outings All Weekend

I had a fun weekend with more than my fair share of leisure activities. On Saturday night we went out to Casa Real Mexican Restaurant in Rotterdam for a friend’s birthday. It’s fairly new, and it was pretty good. The staff were all friendly, and it was that lovely little balance of as-easy-as-a-chain-restaurant-feels-without-being-a-chain-restaurant. Does that make … [Read more…]

More Ethnic Restaurant Yumminess

We’ve been eating some tasty food lately. Not too long ago J and I stopped at Shalimar for the lunch buffet. How had I never been there before? I’d heard that it was tasty, but somehow I hadn’t connected “tasty Shalimar” with the place in Peter Harris Plaza in Latham. Am I just slow? Did it move? … [Read more…]

The Ice Cream Man

I mentioned that yesterday was filled with driving and soccer. During our final game, I overheard some of the parents talking about our proximity to The Ice Cream Man, located in Greenwich, and my ears perked up. I knew that The Profussor and friends had recently toured some of the best-known area spots for homemade … [Read more…]

Culinary Adventures

Back when Daniel B. posted on All Over Albany about Tacos at La Mexicana Grocery & Restaurant, Cute W and I sent each other the link with messages laden with multiple explanation points about how we must try it soon. But of course, the holidays were busy. Over the weekend, Cute W planned a menu … [Read more…]

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Sunday was Cute W’s birthday, and we ended up having an impromptu lunch party at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Troy. We’d visited the one in Rochester, but this was my first time here in Troy. Yes, I know: I try all these vegetarian and vegan recipes (like here and here), but the truth is, I love … [Read more…]

Local Family-Friendly Restaurants (Part 2, aka The Rant)

Go to some decent non-chain restaurants, people! Okay, that’s pretty much the rant.  I’m exhausted.  And, honestly, I think my readers aren’t the right audience for this particular rant.  Because, sophisticated folks that you are, you get on the computer and find interesting things to do.  So you’re probably motivated enough to come up with … [Read more…]

Local Family-Friendly Restaurants (Part 1)

I’ve had a couple of people request restaurant suggestions.  Then  a couple of blogs have been talking restaurants  lately.  At AOA, they’re offering up Albany Jane’s Must-Try Cheap Lunches.  Yum.  I’m considering it a to-do list.  And then at the TU’s Parent-to-Parent they’re talking about Worst Kids-in-Restaurant Behavior.  This sort of post just always depresses … [Read more…]