Some Specifics for This Week

Folks have been asking for more information about the upcoming Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus hoopla. If you’re thinking about buying tickets, here’s the link. As for the free stuff ahead of time, I called Mr. Circus to pump him for information. The Animal Walk planned for 6:30 am on Wednesday is when … [Read more…]

Some Random Items

I woke up this morning to find both girls in front of the tv watching the royal wedding. As Will & Kate walked out, J sighed dramatically and gasped, “Oh, Mommy, isn’t it romantical?” Meanwhile Cute W lamented that he had perhaps unnecessarily raised their wedding expectations by turning on the news in the first … [Read more…]

Recovering from the Holiday

I dropped by my neighbor Mary‘s today to introduce her to the splendor that is Taylor Ham, and she informed me that Easter Monday used to always be a holiday. Sounds good to me. We absolutely could have used a recovery day after several days o’ fun. We went down to NYC on Thursday and … [Read more…]

Last Week in April

Happy Easter! We had several days of fun, and we haven’t quite recovered yet. Here’s what I’ve found for this week: All Week: The Gillette Carnival is at the Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs beginning on Tuesday and continuing through May 1st. Visit the Baby Animals at Hancock Shaker Village every day from 10 am … [Read more…]

Ciccotti Center, Easter Crafts, Circus Giveaway

Perhaps you’d think that after a health department shutdown at the Ciccotti Center in Colonie, I wouldn’t want to bring my precious darlings back. Ummmm. . . nope. I definitely follow the “let’s strengthen their immune systems”school of parenting. We had an excellent time. The kids played for 3 1/2 hours, and the older kids … [Read more…]

Circus Giveaway–Again!

I have to say, that giveaway was much more fun for me than I expected. I know, in theory, that people are out there reading, but actually hearing from people feels so much more personal. Many comments were funny and creative. . . it made me glad that I’d said I’d choose randomly, because if … [Read more…]

Yay, Spring

How crazy it is that my house was too cold today, so I opened up the windows to let some of the hot air in? It worked, too. There were these bizarre gusts of hot air. We’re loving the excellent weather. The only sad part is that Cute W is out of town, so he … [Read more…]

Guess Where We Had Dinner?

Oh yes we did. One of our little friends had her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight. Usually an hour at CEC gives me a headache, but lucky for me, I already had a headache before I even walked in the door, so it didn’t matter much. We had an abundance of tokens, not … [Read more…]

More New Stuff

Both girls, having been pumped with alternating doses of antibiotics and pro-biotic yogurt, were sent to school today. Meanwhile I continue to languish in The Land of The Never-ending Cold. Really, the emails and tidbits of information are beginning to stack up in a disconcerting manner. Usually I’ll get a few emails about something, and … [Read more…]