Ah, an Autumnal Weekend

Another busy weekend!  Thanks to those of you who’ve recently completed the playground survey–I’m going to update that list soon.  Oh, and I missed it earlier, but CMOST is having a program on Wednesday or Saturday mornings at 9:30 am for 2- to 4-year-olds.  Here’s what else  I’ve found. . . any additions? All Weekend: … [Read more…]

Lovin’ the Routine!

School’s great, thank you.  They’re both settling in, making new friends, liking the teacher. Most of our activities haven’t started, but at least we’ve figured out what we’re doing.  The girls both enjoyed their soccer games:  I was afraid that they wouldn’t like them as much as practices, but I think that they’re even more … [Read more…]

Local Blogs and Personal Dog Drama

For those of you who were wondering, the TU’s Albany blog has a post on what happened to the playground in Lincoln Park.  Meanwhile, their Youth Arts blog has a post on a casting call from the Cohoes Music Hall for kids 5-8 to act in “A Christmas Carol” and another post about  joining the … [Read more…]

This Week

I was with J at bedtime, and I asked her if she was ready to turn off the light, and she said, “No, I need more time for kissing and rejoicing you!”  Very adorable.  And then, moments later, she told me that she was very sad about something, and after a few minutes I understand … [Read more…]

More Stuff Going On, and an Apology

Today I was chatting with friends at a playground when one of them told me that she gets mad when I don’t post every day.  Really? I do try to post every day, but the late August-early September transition is one of my least favorite times of the year.   The girls and I are discombobulated … [Read more…]

This Weekend

We’ve got a tremendously busy weekend coming up.  Here’s what I’ve found: All Weekend: There’s the Tug Boat Roundup in Waterford. The Shaker Heritage Society in Albany is having their Fall Harvest Craft Fair from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Family activities and pony rides.  It’s $4/person. It’s Clifton Park’s Annual … [Read more…]

The First Day Report

M started third grade, which I still consider to be the Most Difficult Grade Ever, with 2nd place going to my first year of graduate school.  Not that I’m telling her that.  I don’t have to worry, though, because she currently appears to have no school anxiety whatsoever. This morning, as I was packing her … [Read more…]

This Week

Cute W and I had a date last night:  we saw The Kids Are All Right.  Loved it. Seriously:  I laughed, I cried. Anyway, this week is pretty quiet.  If you’re already to move right into fall, many of the local orchards already have apples for picking your own.  The weather’s looking pretty good, so … [Read more…]

Labor Day Weekend

Hey everybody!  Hannah’s Hope Fund won the $250 K grant.  Thanks to everyone who voted. And now, for some sad news.  Remember how I callously blew you off to make myself some cookies last night?  Well, just as I was about to begin cooking, I plunged into a horrifying and mysterious stomach-related illness.  At first … [Read more…]

What if. . .

I completely blew off posting tonight and spent that time making myself no-bake cookies instead?  Would you lose all respect for me?