I keep forgetting to add it to the weekend post, but a friend recently took her young kids to the Double M Western Store Rodeo in Ballston Spa, and she said it was “a blast”.  It’s on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm until September 3rd. They’ve got pony rides, clowns, and barrel riding … [Read more…]

Weekend Post

Hey!  It’s almost Friday the 13th!  It’s supposed to be lucky if you were born on the 13th. . . which I was.  So, woo, hoo!  Of course, most people still go with spooky.  In fact, at the Saratoga Race Track, they’re encouraging kids to come in costume and parade and trick or treat.  Here … [Read more…]

More Items for this Week

Just received more than my usual share of late notifications about events this week.  There’s a Sling Babies gathering on Wednesday morning, open pottery at Albany Art Room on Thursday afternoon, a Family Dance at the Bach Branch Thursday evening.  For details, see the updates on my This Week post.

This Week

Nights are getting cooler and events are already beginning to wind down, but there’s still plenty to do: All Week: The Wiz will play at 5:30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday at the Washington Park Playhouse in Albany.    Meanwhile, Annie Get Your Gun continues Tuesday through Sunday at 8 pm.  The last day for these … [Read more…]

The (Tardy) Weekend Post

I’m home! More on the trip later.  I’m sitting at the town pool like a complete loser, typing on the computer with a towel draped over my head.  I was so excited when they started offering WIFI at the pool, but it hadn’t occurred to me that the bright, beautiful sun would make looking at … [Read more…]

Kids Eat Free in the Capital District

All right, all right, people have asked for the post enough times that I finally had to suck it up and put it together.  Here’s a list of restaurants that do “Kids Eat Free” or something else special for kids.  Of course, we’d all love to hear about other great deals. Local Restaurants: Forno Bistro … [Read more…]

First Week in August

Okay, remember that this is autopost, so I’m writing this on Friday, and the only thing between this moment and leaving for our week at a lakeside cabin is this post.  So I’m going to get a little lazy and list some things with limited information & without links, typos ignored.  It’s not high quality, … [Read more…]

A Little Help Here?

I’ve been preoccupied with daily life, and I haven’t spent a great deal of time planning this summer. But starting on Friday, I will be spending a week at a rustic camp near Lake Placid. Without an internet connection. I know: it’s Wednesday!  Why didn’t I think about this?!?  My current plan is to do … [Read more…]

End of July (already!)

Jeez louise.  Once again I just pretty much exhausted myself before I exhausted the items to list.  So here’s what I’ve got for this week: Throughout the Week: Annie Get Your Gun continues at the Park Playhouse in Albany Tuesdays-Sunday at 8 pm. There are several evening Valleycats games, including fireworks on Friday night. Every … [Read more…]