The First Day Report

M started third grade, which I still consider to be the Most Difficult Grade Ever, with 2nd place going to my first year of graduate school.  Not that I’m telling her that.  I don’t have to worry, though, because she currently appears to have no school anxiety whatsoever. This morning, as I was packing her … [Read more…]

This Week

Cute W and I had a date last night:  we saw The Kids Are All Right.  Loved it. Seriously:  I laughed, I cried. Anyway, this week is pretty quiet.  If you’re already to move right into fall, many of the local orchards already have apples for picking your own.  The weather’s looking pretty good, so … [Read more…]

Labor Day Weekend

Hey everybody!  Hannah’s Hope Fund won the $250 K grant.  Thanks to everyone who voted. And now, for some sad news.  Remember how I callously blew you off to make myself some cookies last night?  Well, just as I was about to begin cooking, I plunged into a horrifying and mysterious stomach-related illness.  At first … [Read more…]

What if. . .

I completely blew off posting tonight and spent that time making myself no-bake cookies instead?  Would you lose all respect for me?

Bits & Pieces of Local News

Here’s some of what’s going on around the Capital District: First: a Clifton Park girl’s charity, Hannah’s Hope Fund, is currently in 2nd place for winning $25K from Pepsi.  The money would go toward treatment for a fatal disorder called Giant Axonal Neuropathy.   You can support Hannah’s Hope Fund by voting here. Local bloggers … [Read more…]

The End of Summer

Phew!  We went and saw the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Co. at Freedom Park, then found Mary sitting on her front porch and chatted with her, so the kids weren’t in bed (and therefore I hadn’t started this post) until 9:45 pm.  Put it together while watching the Emmys, except that I missed all the fun … [Read more…]

Last Weekend in August

On my hunt for events this weekend, I found another $5 off coupon for Water Slide World in today’s Gazette.  Poking around the internet for special events, I noticed a For the Love of Dance 10-week program at the National Museum of Dance designed to offer 2- to 5-year-olds a smorgasbord of dancing experiences.  Here’s … [Read more…]

Fall Classes

I’ve been receiving emails about fall classes, so I thought that I’d share a few: Yoga with Cathy: this instructor has some serious groupies, and she’s got classes for pregnant moms, parents & teensy babies, toddlers, and more. Music Box Arts: these Music Together class begin later in September, but there are free demo classes … [Read more…]

The Last Full Week of August

Okay, my parents are visiting and we’re meeting cute W in downtown Albany for lunch tomorrow, but any suggestions on what else we should do?  Went to State Museum with them last time, Albany Institute & Albany Art Room are closed on Mondays, too wet & chilly for outdoor fun, don’t want to stray too … [Read more…]