Disney on Ice Giveaway Winners

      I’ve emailed the winners for the Disney Giveaway. They are Bryony (comment 18) for Thursday night and Amy (comments 23-24) for Friday night. Thanks to everyone for your comments, especially the kind, polite, and funny ones. I really do appreciate hearing from you all. If you want to purchase tickets, remember that … [Read more…]

Gearing Up for the Holidays

We’ve had a low-key weekend. I had a (desperately-needed) girls’ night out on Friday. Today we lounged, and our only outing was to M’s soccer game. This was her third game with this team, and each game they’ve gotten their butts’ kicked, but slightly less than last time. Today’s loss of 5 to 1 felt … [Read more…]

This Week

Long night. Here’s what I’ve got: All Week: The new Clifton Park Stadium 10 Cinema is celebrating their grand opening this weekend with a variety of showings, many of them family-friendly. Tickets and refreshments are $2, and proceeds go to charity. Les Miserables School Edition, performed entirely by students, is at Cohoes Music Hall beginning … [Read more…]

A Fantasy Evening

Last night I said that I’d love to hear about volunteer efforts in the Capital District, and the folks at All Over Albany have some suggestions here. Also, Matt Baumgartner of Friday Puppy/Bombers/Biergarten fame, is asking for donations to help out Jumpin’ Jacks. Oh, and I forgot: I meant to link to DelSo, who just … [Read more…]

Trying to Keep Up With It All

So, I’ve been adding updates to yesterday’s listings because I keep remembering things that I forgot.  Sorry. So, check again if you’re looking for more fun, and feel free to add comments, because I’m not blowing your favorite activities off, I’m just. . . tired. Also, the TU’s Ballston Spa blog tells us you can … [Read more…]

Week of July 11th

Sorry that I’ve been such a slacker. Yesterday we visited the National Zoo, today it was the National Museum of American History. In fact, this morning I was standing in front of the Greensboro Lunch Counter trying to explain its historical significance to M when she interrupted me. “Mom,” she said. “Stop explaining it to … [Read more…]

Weekend of July 8th

Hey. We’re in Washington, DC. Yes, it’s a little bit too much travel too quickly, but it couldn’t be avoided. Hence my tardy post. Also, perhaps some slacking tomorrow. My children were keeping me humble today. Four actual quotes, all today: M: “What’s that on your shirt?” [answer: streaks of deodorant] M: “What’s that on … [Read more…]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today J said, all those sayings are wrong. Which sayings? Well first, she explained, instead of March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, we had a lion, and then a few days of lamb, and then more lion, lion, lion. And then, the April showers are bringing May showers instead … [Read more…]

Some Specifics for This Week

Folks have been asking for more information about the upcoming Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus hoopla. If you’re thinking about buying tickets, here’s the link. As for the free stuff ahead of time, I called Mr. Circus to pump him for information. The Animal Walk planned for 6:30 am on Wednesday is when … [Read more…]

Some Random Items

I woke up this morning to find both girls in front of the tv watching the royal wedding. As Will & Kate walked out, J sighed dramatically and gasped, “Oh, Mommy, isn’t it romantical?” Meanwhile Cute W lamented that he had perhaps unnecessarily raised their wedding expectations by turning on the news in the first … [Read more…]