I’ve updated the Events page again. I have been updating, you know.


But what I haven’t been updating is my Playground List. Remember how waaaaaaay back I’d created a special playground survey? The idea was that we could crowd-source and get information about playgrounds from all over. Anyway, I made a big push and twisted friends’ arms to fill out surveys, and we ended up with more than 30 playgrounds on the list.

And then I blew it off.

There’s this whole process, exporting the survey results and converting them into a document and uploading the document and blah-blah-blah. So at some point I said, “Hey, guys, if you happen to fill out a survey, let me know, wouldja?” Because otherwise I had no interest in the process.  And then I forgot about it until someone recently mentioned that they’d just filled out the survey. So I updated it and guess what? There were more than 20 new playgrounds added! So here’s the new and improved Playground List! Except I just realized that the link to the survey on that page doesn’t work. But I’m just not up for the blah-blah-blah right now. But here’s another cute playground photo.


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