Pass It On Sale Pre-Sale Passes

I’ve got a pair of private pre-sale passes to the Pass It On Children’s Consignment Sale at Sportsplex of Halfmoon for this Friday, May 2nd. If you’d like the pair, please comment with your personal best hand-me-down or bargain-hunting score ever before 7 am THIS Tuesday, and I’ll randomly select one winner to receive the … [Read more…]


We’ve had a rather dramatic home lately. I hate it. Still, I guess that there’s one perk: parenting multiple children is good preparation for writing characters. I’ve been meaning to do more creative writing–that was part of why I reduced this blog, really. The truth? I haven’t done much.  But when it comes to thinking … [Read more…]

The Limits of Magical Creatures

I’ve had a bit of low-level anxiety this April about Easter. Growing up, the Easter Bunny used to always bring me a new outfit, suitable for wearing to church that day. It was a lovely tradition that I planned to continue with my own children. Early on, in fact, the girls did get cute little … [Read more…]

The Big Shave

I mentioned recently that M decided to shave her head for St. Baldrick’s, and I owe you a report on how it went. So here it is. Cute W and I spent the week prior to the St. Baldrick’s event not sleeping. We were tense. I don’t know what, exactly, about the whole thing made … [Read more…]

Spring Cleaning

How was THIS for a gorgeous weekend? I’m hoping that it bodes well for our week-long spring break. We’re going nowhere. Nowhere, nothin’, just hanging out. I’m really happy for those of you who are heading to tropical locations. I’m not bitter at all. Well, okay, I’m a little bit bitter, but I’d be satisfied … [Read more…]

Sunny Skies, High Winds

I promised that my next post would be a break from reports of my family’s virtuousness, so I’ll talk more about the St. Baldrick’s shave later. If anyone’s curious, you can click the link to M’s page, which now includes multiple photos as well as a video of the actual shaving. Meanwhile, in other news, … [Read more…]

Her Crowning Glory

On Monday afternoon, J and I had an appointment right after school, so by the time we arrived home, M was halfway through the online registration process. “I’m shaving my head on Saturday!” she announced. “Do you really want to shave your head on Saturday?” I asked. “I don’t just want to: I’m doing it. … [Read more…]