Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I’ve been feeling a little bit awkward lately because my left hand is naked. The other day I started twisting my rings like usual and man, it hurt. They were weirdly stuck. Upon closer examination, I’d bent the hell out of both of them. So they’re at the jeweler getting banged back into shape, and … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend Starts Early at Our House

I’ve updated the Events page, and here’s the KidsOutAndAbout list of local Memorial Day Parades. I’m also going to be on WNYT Newschannel 13’s Live at Noon tomorrow (Friday), talking about Memorial Day Activities with Kids and various local events. Yesterday began inauspiciously when I woke up and realized that I hadn’t yanked the lawn … [Read more…]

I Want Candy

During that bleak period when the only Easter candy remaining is a couple of chalky-looking, fake-grass-encrusted jelly beans and Mr. Ding-a-Ling cannot yet be relied upon to follow a regular schedule, my town fulfills the children’s urgent need for sugar and artificial flavors and colors by holding a Niska-Day parade. Full disclosure: I love the … [Read more…]


I’ve updated the Events page again. I have been updating, you know. But what I haven’t been updating is my Playground List. Remember how waaaaaaay back I’d created a special playground survey? The idea was that we could crowd-source and get information about playgrounds from all over. Anyway, I made a big push and twisted … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Report

Was that the most fabulous weekend ever? Just about. I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day. It was one of my favorite Mother’s Days since I’ve acquired the Mom title. First, everyone did a fabulous job of letting me sleep in. Everyone understands that I enjoy sleep, but in past years, it … [Read more…]

Do Your Best And Forget the Rest

On Sunday at about 11:45 am, I was running around like a maniac looking for a pair of white shorts. M was going to guest-play with the U-13 girls’ team, which is short on players, and an email had requested white socks and shorts if possible. I’d found some white socks, and Cute W had … [Read more…]