Rage Shopping

It is my fondest wish to have a single store that contains every grocery item that I could possibly want, so I’d only ever have to go to one place. Among my local choices, I wish it were Hannaford. I like it there. The people are lovely, the aisles are wide. Alas. One of Hannaford’s … [Read more…]

Rainy Sunday Report

Cute W is sick, M spent most of the weekend playing soccer, and J partied pretty hard on Friday and Saturday night along with her Saturday marathon gymnastics practice. So even though it’s only 8 pm, everyone seems pretty ready to crawl into bed. Sounds good to me. So, guess what I did on Wednesday? … [Read more…]

Venezuelan Deliciousness

The other day, J came home and asked, “Mom, can you make 70 empanadas to bring to school?” Ummmm. . . no. Or, theoretically I could. But I’ve never actually made an empanada before. And 70 seems like an awful lot of empanadas. Traditionally, fifth graders work on a group project studying some country in … [Read more…]


Overheard at our house: “Would you like some?” “Oh, no thank you. I don’t eat square pizza.” I’ve updated the Events page. I still do that, you know.

Exploring Utah’s Awesome Canyons

We loved visiting Moab, Utah, and I wrote reviews on some terrific outings from our trip there. But of course there are more stories behind those reviews, so here are a couple of them. First, as we drove into Moab, J took in the craggy red landscape and said, “These hills look like Chicken Tikka … [Read more…]

Improvements on the Original

I’ve talked to some very loyal local Capital District Fun readers who don’t like to visit KidsOutAndAbout.com ever because it’s “too busy and annoying-looking.” That’s right: some people choose to spare my feelings, and others don’t. Anyway, if you fall into this category, you should know that the site just got an update that makes … [Read more…]

When Risks Don’t Pan Out

I’m a little grouchy, honestly. Recently I encouraged a daughter to do something. She totally wanted to do it, but she was a little nervous. Now, usually I’m not particularly pushy. Cute W calls me the Pussycat Mama because I am not a Tiger Mom. But occasionally I’ve pushed people and it’s worked out quite … [Read more…]

Here, Kitty, Kitty

At night, once the kids are in bed, do you ever pour yourself a glass of wine and bring your wineglass and a piece of chocolate and an excellent book to your sofa, and then you get yourself all snuggly under a blanket? So that it’s just exactly perfect? And, then, when it’s so quiet … [Read more…]

Getting Lost at the Grand Canyon

I realized that I never got around to posting a couple of our favorite stories from our trip out West last summer. First I was too busy getting all of the on-the-record, chipper-yet-professional-sounding reviews written for KidsOutAndAbout, and meanwhile everyday life kept happening and, let’s face it, I was slacking on the blogging for a … [Read more…]

Happy Mothers’ Day

2 hours, 45 minutes: The amount of time after breakfast until that moment when both daughters wanted to shower simultaneously. 7 hours: The approximate amount of time that was completely free after that moment when both daughters wanted to shower simultaneously. Timeless: Hearing one daughter yell, “You’re such a brat. I hate you!” Ah. Happy … [Read more…]