Eating our Way Through NYC

We decided to head down to NYC because Cute W had to go, anyway, and the girls didn’t have school. We really didn’t have a specific destination in mind. I listed off possible attractions, and the girls said things like, “Those all sound good.” Which isn’t very helpful. M’s one strong desire? “Not Times Square.” … [Read more…]

A Picture Book Appreciation

I spend Wednesday evenings scheduling a bunch of different newsletters, and the centerpiece of the newsletter is my friend Deb’s publisher’s note. Now, back in Olden Tymes when I only had my local newsletter to worry about, reading Deb’s publisher’s note would often send me back to my own editor’s note, because whatever she … [Read more…]

February Break!

Over the years, I’ve mentioned that February break is not my favorite among the school holidays. In fact, once upon a time, I called a post “Mwa, ha, ha, HA! The Dreaded February Break!” and some random stranger chastised me in the comments about how I wasn’t properly appreciative of my time with my lovely … [Read more…]

Snow Struggles: The Sequel

Okay, you guys! Remember how, after I walked myself to Stewart’s because I was so petrified of snowy driving, I heroically made it home from Binghamton through a huge snowstorm? I am still making note of the fact that I didn’t crash in my gratitude journal! And then, I thought I was done. Sure, snow … [Read more…]

Snow Struggles

I just hate driving in the snow. I don’t love driving, ever, but driving in the snow is much, much worse. On Thursday, the girls had a snow day. Excellent. I can appreciate a good snow day almost as much as the next person (I really can’t appreciate it as much as the next person, … [Read more…]

World Hijab Day

I was actually interested in participating in World Hijab Day last year, but I was hesitant. I mean, it feels like a sticky situation. On the one hand, I love the idea of very pointedly showing my support for Muslims in the face of, well, you know, everything lately. On the other hand, I worried … [Read more…]

Planned Parenthood Day of Action

Yep, I’m setting the beauty products aside. I can’t help it. When the kids are driving me crazy or filling me with joy, I write about that. When I’m freaking out about current events, I’ll write about it. On Monday, for the first time ever, I participated in the Planned Parenthood Day of Action in … [Read more…]

Our Fabulous Pores

I promised that this post would be superficial, and I wasn’t lying. Our Christmas provided a veritable cornucopia of fabulous skin products. My daughters are pretty much obsessed with their pores. During one of our weekend trips to a soccer tournament in November, somewhere between game two and team dinner, M declared an emergency. She … [Read more…]

From Goofy to Beautiful

I promise that the next post won’t be political at all. In fact, it will be both metaphorically and literally superficial. But not today. The night before the march I still hadn’t gotten around to choosing what to say on the other side of my sign. Then I was chatting with my sister who wasn’t … [Read more…]