COVID Silver Linings

Oh, hey, I actually sang “COVID Silver Linings” on a work Zoom, and my publisher talked about the silver linings in this week’s newsletter, but also you should know that there ARE some events happening these days, adapted for COVID. So you can click over to the newsletter to see them (or sign up for … [Read more…]

Cat Castle

Recently Cute W replaced one of our garage doors, and he suggested that the massive cardboard box it came in (and a few extra boxes) could be excellent for building a Cat Castle. At our house, the motto is “Anything for the kitties,” so the girls set to work. The castle–or “Cats-le”–was still under construction … [Read more…]

Gap Year Phase 1

It’s been a bit of a tough week. If life had happened as we planned, we would have dropped M off at college last Sunday. Instead, she’s still here and there are daily posts on Facebook of moms reporting about college drop off accompanied by photos of smiling teenagers posing in their newly-decorated dorm rooms. … [Read more…]

A Few Doses of Nature

Over the weekend we took a long drive north to visit Woodford State Park in Vermont as a halfway point to meet up with some of my family who lives still further up north. I don’t love the drive to Vermont–the twists and turns make me carsick–but it’s a pretty drive, at least, and it’s … [Read more…]

Folly Beach, SC

I mentioned that we recently all got COVID tests (negative, hooray!), and now that I know that we luckily did not become community disease vectors, I’ll disclose that we got tested because we’d traveled to a hotspot. Originally, we’d planned to travel to Mexico over April break. We were going to spend several days in … [Read more…]

More Coping Mechanisms

Here’s what we’ve been doing at our house lately to maintain our sanity. Cute W works. And works some more. And then he occasionally goes running or plays a game on his phone (like Catan or chess or Ticket to Ride, I think. I don’t really know because I just hear him occasionally cursing when … [Read more…]

We Got Tested.

Everyone is perfectly healthy. But we recently traveled to/through some “hot spots” and we wanted to ensure that we weren’t walking around all contagious and asymptomatic. So all four of us got tested recently, and I thought that I’d share what local testing scoop I’ve got. There are a few different options that I’d heard … [Read more…]

Outdoor Activities

Okay! I’m going to stop moaning long enough to point out a couple of outdoor, social distance-y activities you can do. I keep thinking about what it was like when the kids were little and how we’d go to the bookstore or the pet store or Target because we needed some diversion away from home. … [Read more…]

Coping. More or less.

We’re not great at our house. With massive spread in Iowa, M’s college will not be conducting in-person classes this fall. This news was a crushing blow to the whole family, though of course to M most of all. Through each successive loss over the last few months, the countdown to moving out on her … [Read more…]

Minted Cucumber Salad

One thing we love about summer is that mint grows like crazy in our garden. Cute W loves mint in his lemonade. This year especially, the girls have been crazy for an old recipe, minted cucumber salad. I first found it on the same page as this Curried Chicken recipe in Cooking Light. The chicken … [Read more…]