Sports are Crazy

I was talking about how I notice a great deal of crazy-pants escalation and inequity in sports, so I’m going to illustrate this with our experiences with the girls’ sports: gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, & track. And this is way too long-winded, so I’ve tried to divide it up so you can skim to whatever seems … [Read more…]

College Admissions

Of course I’m thinking about the college admissions bribery scandal. I have two daughters, both great students and competitive athletes who are already thinking about college. M is a junior and she’s compiled a list of “maybe” colleges after our visits over the summer (remember them?), and J is only in eighth grade, but she’s … [Read more…]

Sweet Children

Yes, that’s right. These are my sweet children. The others. . . well, it depends on the day. Ruth and Dave are charming. Recently Ruth unearthed an old souvenir rabbit fur purse from somewhere, and she was so excited. She had stalked and conquered her prey, and she ran around the house proudly so we’d … [Read more…]

February Break 2019

Okay, how did we fritter away all of February break? For the first time ever it felt like the week was over before we really got started. I blame the kids’ sports schedules. M had her sectionals indoor track meet on the first Sunday of break, then another meet on Tuesday down in New York … [Read more…]

Giving Away Books Sparks Joy

I mentioned Marie Kondo lately, and while I never did get around to episode 2 of the Netflix series, nor have I embarked on a large-scale de-cluttering operation, I can’t help but think about her, basically just from the zeitgeist. Most recently, she’s been given a hard time about de-cluttering books in an internet tempest … [Read more…]

Good Things

Another snow day!! This is getting ridiculous. I mean, I know and accept that there is just way too much snow coming down too quickly for school to happen, but I guess my quarrel is with the weather and its craziness. But of course the girls are delighted. Over the weekend we hiked all the … [Read more…]

Saturday Afternoon at the Mall

Oh, yeah. You heard me. And if you know me at all, you know that I really don’t like going to the mall (although looking for that old post spun me into a nostalgic rabbit hole of remembering shopping for M’s 5th grade Moving Up Ceremony dress, which seems a million years away after shopping … [Read more…]


Today was not too bad, but generally speaking, Wednesdays have been a little ugly lately. They’re a busy work day because all of the KidsOutAndAbout newsletters go out first thing the next morning. Which is fine: it’s almost nicer to know that not much else will get done on a specific day, and we often … [Read more…]

Prom Dress Shopping

M’s got the whole week off school because of Regents exams, which she’s not taking. As the week approached, the list of things to do has kept growing: getting paperwork and arrangements in order for the field trip to Spain in April, do some SAT prep, think about what to do over the summer, come … [Read more…]

Fantasy Realized

In case you were wondering whether we’d have the snow day of my fantasies, well: and The only surprise is that the girls actually hung their clothes on the radiator themselves. M saw me taking a picture of this and she was like, “Mom, WHAT are you doing?” It’s Mom Porn, little one. No playing … [Read more…]