Summer Begins

When I talked about going to the Mad Dog soccer tournament, I should have shared this picture that I took there. This is the very cute Gavin Splash Park in Wilton. If you live nearby you’re likely a regular, but if you’re a bit farther and want to visit someplace beyond your “home” pool, this … [Read more…]

Why, hello.

Did you miss me? My site wasn’t feeling well. It is not clear to me if it was hacked or if my internet hosts disabled stuff that looked hackalicious or hack-adjacent or . . . what. It happened about two weeks ago, but first I was trying very hard to fix it myself and failing, … [Read more…]

Rainy Day Suggestions

At least yesterday was lovely. I spent the morning tabling at the Upper Union Street Strawberry Festival for WGGS, and it was a delight. Look at these cute magnets we made that people were scooping up at $1 suggested donation. But today, Father’s Day, is a gloom fest outside. Luckily, I have suggestions for you, … [Read more…]


The girls are concerned about an environmental apocalypse. Okay, yes, I am, too, but on any given day it competes with many other fears and stressors about current events. But it’s absolutely true that doing a little something makes us feel better than doing nothing. Honestly, how much better is the reusable stuff than the … [Read more…]

House of Pestilence

In the past 8 days, our whole family has cycled through the same sickness. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, because, lucky me, I’ve been sick twice with two different fabulous bugs. Just when I figured I’d gotten over my unique manifestation of what everybody else had, I realized that no, I’d had something special and … [Read more…]

Another Restaurant

We went to someplace we hardly ever go over the weekend: Applebee’s. It was a little bit of a command performance, because J and her school volleyball teammates had a pancake breakfast fundraiser there. J was very good about going out and selling tickets, but I think all of her buyers’ enthusiasm was pretty low. … [Read more…]

Tanpopo Ramen and Sake Bar

There’s a new restaurant on Upper Union Street! It’s Tanpopo Ramen and Sake Bar, and it’s in the old Hot Harry’s location on the corner with Keyes. Cute W and I realized rather belatedly that both our daughters were participating in Relay for Life on Saturday night, which meant that we could have a date … [Read more…]

Catching Up

It’s been busy! I mentioned that M had her prom. She’s dating this boy, if that is what you call it these days, although they are both so crazy-busy that it basically means that they’ll hang out together for a couple of hours once a week, slotted in between school, sports practices, club meetings, games, … [Read more…]

Health & Beauty Aids

What follows are some images that I’ve loosely gathered into the topic of health & beauty aids. A few are ghastly, so proceed with caution. Okay, first? Remember my road rage calf strain? It didn’t occur to me to take a good look at it, and then, several days later, I did. Whoa, it was … [Read more…]

Sunday in Philadelphia

It was Easter Sunday, so the Easter Bunny paid our visit to our hotel room. We took a fairly long walk to breakfast, following Yelp’s recommendations to Cafe La Maude, where, they say, “It’s brunch all day.” We ordered together and split everything: A Genovese Omelette (goat cheese, apple, walnut, chicken sausage, tomato, & avocado), … [Read more…]