Garage Re-do

Painting the garage is one of many home projects that’s been awaiting our attention for, well, years. Last year Cute W repainted the upper portion of our garage, which was nice because we had peeling paint and the remnants of a long-lost basketball hoop. Still, the garage suffered from ugly, pinkish cinderblocks as well as … [Read more…]

Handbasket Full of Books

Work has been busy, but mostly I’ve found it hard to write here because things are going to hell in a handbasket. I have been freaking out about the rise of fascism for a while now, and I continue to freak out. The fact that Black Lives Matter has been top-of-mind, but I am in … [Read more…]

Becoming a Stylist

The other night, we were about ten minutes away from finishing dinner when I heard M calling from upstairs as she finished her shower, asking couldn’t I please cut her hair? No. No, I could not. I didn’t have any idea of how to cut hair. Plus we were in the middle of dinner preparations. … [Read more…]

More Take-Out

Usually we’re too cheap to do a lot of take-out. Well, too cheap but also health-conscious, since anything you don’t cook yourself is likely to be more indulgent than what we’ll just make in the kitchen. And, in normal times, take-out is often something fast-casual that we’re squeezing in between activities: Chipotle, Panera, Subway are … [Read more…]

Staying Busy

If you haven’t already taken a look at the KidsOutAndAbout resource lists available, you totally should. For example you can find: Virtual experiences available any time. Things like museum exhibitions, college campus tours, and preschool games. And you can filter the list by type of experience, age range, or topic. Online classes. Things like coding, … [Read more…]

More Small Joys

When I was taking pictures around the house to try to practice a little gratitude, I went outside and soon I had way too many pictures. So here are some small joys in my yard. . . let’s hope that they aren’t covered by snow this weekend! Look! Squint. Look harder. Can you see it? … [Read more…]

In Praise of Small Joys

These days it’s hard not to grocery shop without feeling grateful. Grateful if you’ve scored some toilet paper, grateful that you can pay for your groceries, and grateful if you are fortunate enough to get to leave and not come back for a long while. So while I was unpacking groceries, I was ticking off … [Read more…]

Rain and Take Out

I really feel like I could physically distance pretty much indefinitely if I lived somewhere where the weather was nice. This chilly rain stuff is bringing me down, big time. But really, we’ve been doing okay. Very occasionally, the girls will do this laughter-gallows-humor-that-seems-like-it-may-turn-into-weeping-but doesn’t-quite-get-there thing. Like, M will mention that maybe J will get … [Read more…]

Old Photos

Work has still been busy enough, there’s still plenty of laundry and meals to make, and I’ve been working out more than usual. But I’ve still got extra time that I’d normally spend on driving daughters to practices or watching sports or running errands, and as you can see, I haven’t been spending it all … [Read more…]


I am seeing a ton of mask-making tutorials and requests for masks, and it’s become increasingly clear to me that the rest of the population must not share my obsessions with bandanas and adorable wide headbands. Or possibly my standards for face protection are just lower than most people’s. . . ? I mean, these … [Read more…]