Around the House

First, if you are local and you have not yet seen my 101 Ideas for Holiday Family Fun, well, you are missing out. It is a majestic compilation o’ fun, if I do say so myself. It is actually well over 101 items, if you wanted to take the trouble to count, but the point … [Read more…]

Updates and New Desk Swag

Did everyone enjoy the snow day? We did. This past week was a serious blow-off for J. She had Veterans’ Day off, a half-day on Tuesday (conferences), a 2-hour delay on Wednesday (ice), her only full day on Thursday, and a snow day on Friday. I expected to be traveling for a soccer tournament this … [Read more…]

Long and Lazy Weekend

Poor M. She is still recovering from her wisdom tooth extraction. The procedure itself went smoothly, and I’m totally kicking myself for not setting something up to record the car ride home, because she was super-entertaining before the drugs wore off. Now she’s got chipmunk cheeks and she’s still opening her mouth as little as … [Read more…]

Another Lockdown

Wednesday tends to be a busy workday for me, but I signed myself up to help with the Scholastic Book Fair at the middle school.  I love books, of course, and  they were a little bit desperate for help, and I know that I’m one of the few potential helpers who has a flexible schedule.  … [Read more…]

Cleaning Out the Photos

Welp, Halloween’s over. It was not our most fun Halloween ever, I’ve got to say. For the first time ever, neither girl trick-or-treated. Also, when Cute W had to leave the house briefly, he put the bowl of candy out on the porch with a note, which we’ve definitely done before without major incident, but … [Read more…]

Values and Discipline

Now that my kids are getting so dang old, I occasionally have brief panic attacks in which I fear that I missed Something Important in this parenting gig. Yes, the kids are potty-trained, they eat vegetables, and they keep up with their homework. You know, it all seems like it’s going pretty well.  But then … [Read more…]

All The Sports

Years ago, I talked about how parenting is suspenseful. You don’t know which interests your kids are going to stick with and which they’ll cast aside, which things they’ll find inspiring and which things they’ll find boring, whether the firm declarations they make on one day will still be true the next day, never mind … [Read more…]

Cooking Tips

Here’s a helpful tip: timers only work when you set them. If, instead of setting a timer, you just leave the kitchen and sit down at your desk and start working on the computer while waiting to be prompted by the sound of a timer going off, it’s very likely that you will work too … [Read more…]

And One Last Story

First of all, would you believe that on the very same day that I wrote the last post in which I basically implied that my daughter was not D-I material, she got her first recruitment letter from a D-I coach? Which, even if you’re not interested in that particular college and program, is still a … [Read more…]