J’s got a busy week this week, including two different dress-up occasions. Once upon a time, my children liked to wear dresses. That was long, long ago. We had years of princess stuff and pink and sparkles, and at the time, I wondered if we’d ever come out on the other side of the Princess … [Read more…]

Rainy Days & Mondays

The rest of our spring break was relatively uneventful. I sent each of the girls off on far-flung trips so that they could get very wet and cold. In J’s case, a friend brought her along on a rafting trip. I wanted to go, but J has hit genuine adolescence now, and she asked, “Please … [Read more…]

Late-Night Conversations

J’s transformed overnight. Suddenly her hair is so long. Our family policy with hair, generally speaking, is to ignore it. Once in a while it will look raggedy enough that I’ll suggest a trim, and usually the girls demur, and I drop it. I just don’t care enough for it to hold my attention for … [Read more…]

Soccer Tournament

Last weekend, I finally made it to one of M’s soccer tournaments. In the household division of labor these days, I’ll often head to a gymnastics meet with J while Cute W will go to a soccer tournament with M. This makes sense: Cute W is the hard-core soccer fan, and his better sense of … [Read more…]

Conversation This Morning

Me to 13-year-old M: “Hey, can you please add a sentence to that thank you note for the [gift  you just received]?” M: “Oh my gosh, Mom, I was just going to do that!!” Me: “Okay, great. . .” M: “I mean, it’s like you don’t trust me to do anything.” Me: “I just wasn’t … [Read more…]


This recent snowstorm was pretty dang irritating, if you ask me. First of all, if there’s going to be a bunch of snow, I think there should be a snow day.  Right? We didn’t lose any school time to snow this year at all, so it’s not like we didn’t have room in the snow-day-budget. … [Read more…]

Parenting Wins!

We made no plans this weekend intentionally. Between gymnastics meets and soccer tournaments, our spring schedule’s been quite booked, so when we realized that the only way to get a break from traveling was to be anti-social during a major holiday, that’s what we did. But even though Cute W and I had our own … [Read more…]