Central Park’s Updated Playground

On Friday we took a digestive-assisting walk with our 1st-grade cousin/nephew to Central Park. You may have heard that they recently pulled all of that super old-school metal equipment that’s been tucked under the trees across from Tiny Tot Land for years and years and years. Here’s the big structure that’s replaced it: Both of … [Read more…]

Thanksgiving 2017

That’s right! We survived hosting our third Thanksgiving dinner! It is fun and also exhausting. I’m so glad we’re doing it. Both M and J said to me separately that they love Thanksgiving, that they love it even more now that we host Thanksgiving dinner, and that since we’ve started hosting Thanksgiving, it’s their favorite … [Read more…]

J and I Declutter. M Loses and Wins.

So, first: the rest of our weekend was good. J and I ordered Thai food and watched Legally Blonde, which had aged better than many old “goofy classics” that I tell the girls that they should watch. J was a big fan of bruiser. J and I also did a massive amount of organizing around … [Read more…]

Early Morning Update

I’m typing this at 4:14 am. As you know, I am not a morning person, but I’m always thrown off without Cute W. Usually this happens on the other end of the evening. Without Cute W to go upstairs to bed or fall asleep on the sofa, I don’t notice how late it’s gotten and … [Read more…]

Homework Assignment

Earlier in the year, in the beginning-of-school tradition of giving parents homework, I was assigned to write a memory of J. This was tough because I already tell and re-tell all the best stories. This is what I came up with: Some of my fondest memories of you as a baby are from your very … [Read more…]

Athletic Explorations

Both the girls have been pondering their various athletic options lately. First, M. Of course soccer is her A-Number 1, always-favorite sport. But then there were try-outs for a special regional team for her club. When I told her about the try-outs and explained that the team would bring together girls from Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, … [Read more…]

Cleaning Up From Halloween

I am gathering up our Halloween things, and among all the school project crafts that I’ve saved for decor, one of my favorites is M’s drawing of a mean witch. I love that it’s something that she did on her own, taping together standard paper so that her medium could contain her vision. I love … [Read more…]

Sunday Afternoon

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon and M is doing endless homework while J is going after her pumpkin with a power drill. Cute W is trying to figure out what’s wrong with his car, and I just wasted a great deal of time trying to share volleyball photos for the poor soul who’s putting … [Read more…]

Some Sweets

So, we’ve indulged a bit lately. First, J requested a special trip to 21 Below Rolling Ice Cream at Galleria 7 in Latham (which we’ve visited before). The schtick here is that they pour out liquid ice cream and it freezes before your eyes while the ice cream folks do their stuff. You can go … [Read more…]

End of Soccer Season

I missed the best parts of M’s last soccer game of the school season. It was a busy day all day, really. Cute W stayed home from work so that we could have a date for my “birthday eve.” A month or so ago we bought a pair of season tickets for the Broadway series … [Read more…]