The other day on the way to gymnastics, J told me that it had been a “big gossip day” in 5th grade. Apparently it was a day of confessions and accusations. . . a day of all sorts of rumored love affairs. Ah, finally! I thought. Some interesting intel! J reported that in fourth grade, … [Read more…]

Toy Recycling

I’m a huge fan of toy recycling, toy exchanging, and basically trying to figure out how we can coast on the toys we’ve bought instead of buying more. Because I am cheap. Now, I remember that when the kids were little, I did this much more frequently. Toys would disappear and reappear mysteriously. Sometimes because … [Read more…]

Flash Forward

J and I were visiting a neighbor’s puppy the other day. She’s the kind of puppy who makes you crave one of your very own–well, typing this, is there a puppy that isn’t that kind of puppy? But maybe there is, one of those big, slobbery, nipping puppies with coltish legs that you know will … [Read more…]


I’m sitting outside. Without a coat.  Or shoes. Now, that’s pretty glorious. It’s fair to say I have spring fever. I am feeling really, really done with school for the girls this year. They’re each finishing up at their schools (M will switch to high school for 9th grade, J will switch to middle school … [Read more…]

Kidz Expo This Weekend

I’ll be spending all day long tomorrow at the Empire State Plaza for the Hannaford Kidz Expo. My colleagues June, Amy, and I will be at a KidsOutAndAbout table, likely in the convention center. Hey, you could come visit me. If you’ve never been to the expo, it’s a little crazy-pants, actually. There are tons … [Read more…]

Come Dance With Me!

I love dancing. Not, you know, pointe or ballroom or anything–although I do remember part of my tap routine from middle school–but just bopping-around dancing. I love being in a circle of people and dancing like crazy until I’m so sweaty that when people see me, they say things like, “Wow. Wow. . . you’re … [Read more…]


First, the Super Bowl: how did I miss posting this? I guess because we were getting ready to travel. We are a Broncos family, so as you might expect, we enjoyed the Super Bowl this year. Poor Cute W had to work for the first half, and he was the only one in the family … [Read more…]

Preparations Must Be Made

Folks in my town were notified of a boiled water advisory yesterday afternoon because of a water main break. This was actually excellent timing for me, because I’d already done my cooking in the morning, with a new slow cooker recipe for beef stew. I’d also prepped a new bread recipe, which claimed to be … [Read more…]


We got home late on Wednesday night, and it’s been pretty busy ever since. Along with the usual unpacking and laundry, I’m taking a fiction writing class–my first ever–and I had an assignment due on Thursday night. Which I couldn’t manage, but I got it in by Friday morning, so that’s not too bad. We … [Read more…]


Happy end-of-February-break, everyone! I trust that you survived our brief foray into winter with super-cold temperatures. We missed it entirely, since we went to Savannah. Why yes, we drove all the way down. Fourteen hours with no stops, except of course there were stops. We left right after school on Thursday and stayed at a … [Read more…]