Snowy Adjustments

On Monday we had a 2-hour snow delay at school. The 2-hour snow delay has evolved over time. During the early elementary school years, the breakdown was approximately: 120 minutes =    10 minutes of shrieking with joy + 20 minutes of  looking for and putting on snow clothing + 40 minutes of playing in … [Read more…]

Facebook, You Are Weird

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how Facebook encourages us to stay inside our own little echo chambers. Of course, if you’re even moderately aware of the world around you, you sense that your feed is custom-made for you, right down to showing you ads for whatever you just bought on Facebook. Still, … [Read more…]

Fa, La, La, La, Fail

One thing I forgot to mention about Thanksgiving weekend is that it started getting chilly. Cute W and M left on Friday afternoon for M’s tournament, and sometime Friday night, it just started getting awfully cold in the house. I was feeling a little self-conscious about the cold because my parents have become fluffy-bunny Southerners … [Read more…]


Last year we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever, and I’d forgotten about it, but last year’s post reminded me that the process of preparing for the meal did not go entirely smoothly. But all’s well that ends well, and it did end particularly well, with a drive-by from a cousin and his family … [Read more…]

The Day After

I am going to try not to dwell on the election here. But first, I’m going to share a few things that happened on just the day after the election, Wednesday: My black friend was jeered at by three jubilant men in a pick-up truck with a big Confederate flag. My friend’s daughter was teased … [Read more…]

Failure Is Impossible.

Months ago, I was at a gathering of smart, community-minded women, and we were talking about the upcoming presidential election. What struck me about the talk was that all of the black women felt sure that Trump would be elected president, while most of the white women were deeply skeptical that that was possible. The … [Read more…]

Cubs Win Without My Vital Support

If I’m counting correctly, it was about 26 years ago that Cute W, another friend, and I decided on a whim to make the approximately 9-hour-roundtrip road trip from our college in the middle of Iowa to a Cubs game. Our girlfriend is a huge Cubs fan, and catching a game at Wrigley field felt … [Read more…]

Ask An Expert

Once upon a time I was visiting a doctor, and we were making idle chit-chat that included what I did for (paid) work. At the time, I had just started editing for, but I’d also been sending out articles for regional parenting publications that were published here and there. “. . . So, you’re … [Read more…]

Fall Fun

We finally got around to our annual apple picking/pumpkin choosing/cider donut eating outing today. We pick apples and pumpkins at Lindsey’s, then get donuts at Riverview on the way home. We pretty much had to squeeze it in between two other activities, but every time we do something like that, I resolve that we’ve got … [Read more…]