Pet Peeves

I’m feeling little gripey today. I understand that “gripey” isn’t a word, but “gripe” means “to complain naggingly or constantly; grumble. ” And that’s what I feel like doing. It’s kind of like I feel whiny, except with a little more hostility. As an example, today I was working on a project, and someone sent … [Read more…]

Snow Day

While we weren’t particularly surprised when the school district called a snow day at about 8 pm last night, we were deeply, deeply pleased. We were psyched to know ahead of time so that we could sleep in. And we’d gotten the supplies we needed just in case we’d have a snow day that we … [Read more…]

Quick Turnover

We hosted for Thanksgiving again this year, and it was dinner for 17 with 6 people staying over at one point or another as well as more people for the day or staying at a nearby hotel. We welcomed family in time for dinner on Wednesday and said goodbye to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law last … [Read more…]


Last weekend, Cute W and I went to New York. All by ourselves. It was a birthday date for me that we fit into our schedule a few weeks late. We had so much fun! We left on Friday afternoon, and Cute W drove us down to Poughkeepsie, where we caught the train to Grand … [Read more…]

A Better Adjustment

I mentioned trying to cope with various adjustments recently, but I’ve got one new thing that I love to adjust: my new desk! One of our household projects this fall was to update J’s room. She wanted a double bed for her birthday and some more “grown-up” furniture than the princess-style, white-and-sparkly bureau and vanity … [Read more…]

Seasonal Adjustments

Look at this irritating little alarm that keeps showing up in my car: I know, Rogue! It is November in Upstate New York! You don’t need to keep reminding me that it is cold outside! My house is so old that I have to travel outside of my house just to get into you! So … [Read more…]

We did it!

That’s right, everyone! We made it to the apple orchard! The very sad news is that Lyndsey’s, where we used to always go because we like the ladders and the serenity, has closed. The girls had to improvise at Riverview, where they were almost-but-not-quite out of apples for the season. I have also cried not … [Read more…]

Play On

In spite of my laments about everything ending, so far the fall sports are hanging on. M’s game on Wednesday was a nail-biter. We traveled to Mechanicville for neutral territory and a fabulous turf field. We senior parents brought along our giant baby heads. A whole mob of high school friends showed up, too. The … [Read more…]

New Vegetarian Recipes

The girls have evolved over the years. When they were little they were much more suspicious of vegetables, they gravitated toward kid-friendly options, and they loved their fried meat. Then they started to like a lot more vegetables and became willing to eat most things. In retrospect, I should have appreciated that Beautiful Heyday of … [Read more…]

New Fall Rhythms

There is a distinct rhythm to the KidsOutAndAbout calendar. Beat the heat and summer bucket list transitions to back to school, which is followed by apple picking and corn mazes and pumpkin picking, then Halloween. It’s the rhythm of a happy American childhood, a rhythm we followed as a family for years. One we don’t … [Read more…]