Recently our family of four was together when an old friend stopped by. Reunions with old friends can be awkward. Sometimes, after a long absence, you wonder if what knit you together long ago is still there. You wonder if you’ve outgrown each other. If you’re lucky, seeing an old friend feels like the most … [Read more…]

Umm, That’s Stupid

I was running errands the other day when I found myself confronted by multiple examples of abject stupidity. Some of them involved poor driving. But two of them were on display for me to document and share with you. First, in the post office parking lot:   That’s right, it’s a grate in the pavement … [Read more…]

And All’s Right With the World

My girlies are home! I won’t lie: the Serenity Time was lovely. Cute W and I dated and rode our bikes and took walks, we got tons of things done, and time flew. But on Friday, when it was time to pick up J from Smirkus Camp, I was pretty much  beside myself with anxiety. … [Read more…]

Retaining Images of Our Kids

For me, the single most challenging part of sending my kids to sleep-away camp is fretting about their well-being, knowing that I’m pretty much powerless to impact how things are going each day. They’re on their own. This is really just a more severe case of the peculiar parental anguish of separating from your kids … [Read more…]

Busy End of an Era

We had a busy week. On Monday, J had her “Moving Up” ceremony. She’s officially done with 5th grade and elementary school. Which means the whole family is done with elementary school. We were all completely ready for it, but that didn’t prevent J from getting weepy when her teachers signed her yearbook and me … [Read more…]

Treat Others With Empathy and Kindness

Lately, I’ve been thinking of a little rule that I would like to impart to my children as well as to many members of the general public: Don’t be an asshole. Wait, I had a rule to share, but on second thought, while the sentiment is spot-on, I feel that the robust and wholly accurate … [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend is practically upon us and I haven’t even caught you up on last weekend, so here goes. Friday night was my second Dance Party for Veterans. Frankly, it was a little tragic. For my first party, I was worried that no one would show up, and then we really got a decent crowd … [Read more…]

Discouraging Days

On Friday and Saturday I had a blog post percolating in my brain. I was going for almost-upbeat. I don’t know, man. The news has been depressing lately. I think that Donald Trump is a terrible person, and the fact that he is a major contender for the presidency is terrifying to me. I’m a … [Read more…]

Rage Shopping

It is my fondest wish to have a single store that contains every grocery item that I could possibly want, so I’d only ever have to go to one place. Among my local choices, I wish it were Hannaford. I like it there. The people are lovely, the aisles are wide. Alas. One of Hannaford’s … [Read more…]

Rainy Sunday Report

Cute W is sick, M spent most of the weekend playing soccer, and J partied pretty hard on Friday and Saturday night along with her Saturday marathon gymnastics practice. So even though it’s only 8 pm, everyone seems pretty ready to crawl into bed. Sounds good to me. So, guess what I did on Wednesday? … [Read more…]