News Briefs.

There’s quite a bit of catching up to do, so here’s a quick round-up. M and I have done some college visits! I know, right? She was finding the beginning of this whole process intimidating, so we decided to dip her toe in the water by just checking out a few colleges to see if … [Read more…]

Around the House

These damn kids. Day in, day out, with the eating and the wearing clothes, and then expecting to eat more and wear more clothes the very next day, all over again! Okay, okay, I’m kidding. But I continue to struggle to get things done during the summer. I’ll admit that it’s much, much easier than … [Read more…]

Last Sunday

Every year I forgot how summer wreaks havoc with my schedule. As you know, I work from home, and for a while, now, I’m able to get most of my work done while the kids are in school. Then, when they’re home, it’s tougher. My workload doesn’t change, but everything around it does. Even though … [Read more…]

Book of the Month Club

Last Christmas, one of my gifts was a 3-month subscription to Book of the Month Club. Now, I am a huge reader and book-lover, but it never would have occurred to me to ask for this as a gift. For one thing, I tend to go for paperback books because I am cheap. But also: … [Read more…]

It’s Hot.

Our house is hot. We have no central air conditioning. On our main floor, the first floor, we’ve got two window units on opposite sides of the house, and when they run constantly, it’s comfortable. Upstairs, we have ceiling fans and fans in the windows. Usually, this is fine. It gets hot upstairs, yes, but … [Read more…]

Last Week of School & Future Plans

J’s last week of school was uneventful. As you heard, she skipped part of Monday. On Tuesday, her entire grade had a field trip to Grafton Lakes Park, and lucky for them, the weather was great. She had brought along her volleyball and had coordinated a potluck picnic lunch with her friends, so that was … [Read more…]

Birthday Fun

Last you heard, we were preparing to celebrate M’s birthday, which was Monday before last. That Monday, M slept in and then she and I headed to the Clifton Park DMV with the paperwork and documentation she’d need for her learner’s permit. I had heard from other mothers that the Clifton Park DMV is much … [Read more…]

Sweet Sixteen

Monday was M’s birthday. I started writing this on her birthday. Since she and Cute W arrived home well past midnight last night after winning another soccer tournament, she opted to sleep in this morning, meaning that the trip to the DMV is looming. Meanwhile, we’re well-prepared for the rest of the day. First: presents. … [Read more…]

Festive, Sunny Saturday

Did everyone enjoy today? It was not only sunny and beautiful–the temperature was appropriate! Not creepily warm in January or super-chilly for June. The family was split up for the day, with Cute W and M headed way down south into Jersey for a soccer tournament and J and I hanging out here at home. … [Read more…]


Ah, sweet J! She continues to be very enthusiastic about volleyball. She’s been practicing out in our driveway. Sometimes I am enlisted to help, throwing the ball way up in the air or calling out a direction for her to send a pass just before she hits it (Trash can! Chair! and so on). J’s … [Read more…]