More Take-Out Food

We continue to serve the community and support local businesses by ordering more take-out than usual. It is our burden to bear. Here are two we’ve liked. We ordered from Rain Modern Chinese after the girls researched new restaurants to try that are closer to downtown Albany now that Cute W’s back to working in … [Read more…]

And into Summer

We’ve transitioned to summer, which looks suspiciously like the last few months, except sweatier. It’s still unclear exactly how college will go for M, but we’ve gotten more details, some of them good (the opportunity to ponder her choices for tutorial, which is their signature intro-to-college course), some of them not good (no intercollegiate athletic … [Read more…]


The academic year has gone out with a whimper. Honestly, I’ve been a little bitter about it. As April shifted into May, I was advocating for possible celebratory ideas to try to make the end of the year more fun and keep the kids occupied, and long rant short, the school district and PTO weren’t … [Read more…]

Workout Helper

Since the pandemic shutdown, I’ve been working out at home. I’d had a regular routine of going to 9 am JCC classes that fit very nicely into my schedule. I’d wake up, the kids would head to school and Cute W would head to work, I’d clean up the kitchen and check emails and respond … [Read more…]

Socially-Distanced Outings

We’ve all gotten tired of our house, of course, but it’s also tough going out without getting too close to other people. This week has been the worst for that, honestly. I’ve seen people I know outside, and it’s hard to carry on a conversation while maintaining a six foot distance when someone else doesn’t … [Read more…]

Garage Re-do

Painting the garage is one of many home projects that’s been awaiting our attention for, well, years. Last year Cute W repainted the upper portion of our garage, which was nice because we had peeling paint and the remnants of a long-lost basketball hoop. Still, the garage suffered from ugly, pinkish cinderblocks as well as … [Read more…]

Handbasket Full of Books

Work has been busy, but mostly I’ve found it hard to write here because things are going to hell in a handbasket. I have been freaking out about the rise of fascism for a while now, and I continue to freak out. The fact that Black Lives Matter has been top-of-mind, but I am in … [Read more…]

Becoming a Stylist

The other night, we were about ten minutes away from finishing dinner when I heard M calling from upstairs as she finished her shower, asking couldn’t I please cut her hair? No. No, I could not. I didn’t have any idea of how to cut hair. Plus we were in the middle of dinner preparations. … [Read more…]

More Take-Out

Usually we’re too cheap to do a lot of take-out. Well, too cheap but also health-conscious, since anything you don’t cook yourself is likely to be more indulgent than what we’ll just make in the kitchen. And, in normal times, take-out is often something fast-casual that we’re squeezing in between activities: Chipotle, Panera, Subway are … [Read more…]

Staying Busy

If you haven’t already taken a look at the KidsOutAndAbout resource lists available, you totally should. For example you can find: Virtual experiences available any time. Things like museum exhibitions, college campus tours, and preschool games. And you can filter the list by type of experience, age range, or topic. Online classes. Things like coding, … [Read more…]