Ready for Camping?

No, neither am I.  It’s way too cold for me.  But did you realize that, during the school year, places offer the opportunity for some overnight fun?

The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology has camp-ins that cost $30/child and include activities, a planetarium show, a light snack, and breakfast.  Individuals can come to a scheduled camp-in or groups of 30 or more can schedule their own.

The New York State Museum hosts camp-ins on Friday and Saturday nights during the school year for 1st through 6th graders.  You can choose Life in a Longhouse or Once Upon a Time in New York, and a snack and breakfast are included.

USS Slater has an overnight program as well.

Yeah, okay. . . that’s all I’ve got today.  And even this was some draft that had been hanging around waiting for me to get off my butt and find other indoor camp locations.  But I’m just slacking off.   I’ve been saying that the blogging’s supplanted working out, but the truth is I haven’t gotten either done today.  It’s been a bit of a crappy day, really. My 7-year-old, who is–I know this sounds like a mother, but seriously, objectively–lovely, is currently unhappy with her appearance.

And then the suckiest mother in town managed to screw up a date so that we didn’t go to M’s art show.  Never mind that she didn’t even like the picture that they’d chosen.  She was still, rightly, very upset.  And I almost threw up my dinner when I realized last night.   I’ve been spending the day obsessively creating a new calendar system (because clearly the small weekly calendar and the Yahoo group calendars were not working) and trying to catch various  other things which are falling through the cracks.  Like the ants, which Santa chose not to have ready on Christmas.  Of all of her presents, J was most excited about her ant farm, and now it is March and the ants still haven’t arrived.  The order form was sent in December, the check was cashed in late January.  Jeez, Uncle Milton, are you freakin’ kidding me?

But wait:  there’s more.  Remember how I broke my water filter pitcher?  Well, today I bought a new one and then oh-so-cleverly left it in the bottom of my shopping cart in the parking lot and drove home.  Luckily someone turned it in, but I still had to schlep the girls back to the store to go get it.  And driving there and back, the girls were sniping at each other so much that I did one of those screech-over-to-the-side-of-the-road things.  I got out and fetched the second neck rest (this was the current argument, because my poor, delicate children are simply too weak to actually support their skulls on their necks for the ten-minute ride home) and then I leaned into the car and chided them with something along the lines of, “If I hear one rude, negative, or unpleasant peep out of either of you, I am pulling over again and we will just sit on the side of the road until everyone learns how to shape up.”  At which point I flounced down onto my seat and, I kid you not, a flurry of white feathers flew up into the air and drifted slowly down around me.

– – – – – – – –

Actually, I began that rant before dinner, and my mood has improved somewhat. M and I had a conversation that briefly touched on religious freedom, puberty, and death, and I believe that I maneuvered with a fair amount of success, so my mothering stock rose slightly from last night’s art show plummet.   Then as W arrived home I was helping J with her bath and she was just so cute coated entirely in soap suds that it was difficult not to cheer up.  And then M had lined up the multiple pages of her report card for W to inspect, and I thought, hey, I forgot all about the report card–at least she knows she’s smart.  Not to mention that she is kicking the average 7-year-old girl’s butt in push-ups.  So I’m going to quit blogging and attempt to do just a teensy bit of yoga.  Because I’m all about serenity, baby.

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