High Fashion Chez Nous

I finally sewed the hole in my down coat!  For the past several weeks, every time I sat down in my car too forcefully, a little flurry of feathers would float around the car’s interior.  It just felt like such a discouraging way to start a trip–somehow it made me feel quite hefty, like the time I sat down in a swing and it ripped right off of the swingset.*  So I’d end up driving off in a huff, and then by the time I’d return home, I’d forget about mending until I was rushing out the door again.

As I’ve said before, I’m cheap, and as I may not have mentioned, I don’t enjoy shopping.   I will easily tolerate things like flying feathers or a broken zipper for weeks or months at a time.  However, I might have to drop some cash on the Zappos website, which I found out about when  I was complaining to my sister about my mutant feet (size 6 1/2 length-wise, size 8 width-wise).  Wow!  You can pick by color/style/size/width/height/etc.,  and then it’s free to ship back and forth, so you can order 3 or 4 pairs to try on and keep the best one.  Of course, it ain’t always cheap, and, knowing me, I would keep the 2 or 3 reject pairs  in boxes in a corner of the room for weeks.

Meanwhile, since I am clearly not your source on style and fashion in the Capital District, perhaps I can suggest  this blog?  It’s new–go visit.

*It was a very old swing.  It could have happened to anyone.  But it happened to me.


  1. Hey Katie – the blog is looking great. Were you trying to link to upstateandpersonal.blogspot.com up there? If so the link seems to be broken… I will definitely do a blurb and a link to CDF, its such a good idea!!!!

  2. Wow, Maggie, this is so awkward. . . it was this other new cute fashion blog. . . . KIDDING!! Sorry about the link mess-up. I think I fixed it now.

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