We finally made it to the apple orchards, and just in the nick of time, it seems.  If you’ve gone already, you know that this has been a really bad year for apples, so pickings are slim.  If you were haven’t gotten around to it yet, I’d go as soon as you possibly can, and … [Read more…]

Fairy Gardens

I’m catching up on the birthday party craftiness with the cute little gardens that we made for our fairies. Here are some supplies: I bought a peat-moss-looking table runner as well as some vase fillers and pretty little scrapbooking roses at Michael’s.  I cut the table runner up into small-ish pieces and glued them onto … [Read more…]

Community Supported Bakers

Britin & Nick from All Good Bakers sent me an email asking if I’d be willing to spread the word about their new Community Supported Bakery.   They also offered me free samples!  Yes, please! So, of course I wanted to like them–what a good idea.  You already know that I belong to a CSA, and … [Read more…]

Cute Little Fairies

We’re gearing up for J’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  Now, we’ve never invited the entire class to a party, and we’re almost always just at home.  Where we go overboard is with the cake and the crafts. This year, J said that she wanted a fairy party and the first thing out of M’s mouth … [Read more…]

This Weekend with updates

Yikes!  I keep having to update with items I’d squirreled any in my email and forgotten–sorry! Did anybody else catch that super-gorgeous rainbow today at about, um, 5:45 pm?  We so completely deserved that rainbow, didn’t we?   I mean, seriously, we made it through a lot of rain.  I was over-volunteering at elementary school today, … [Read more…]

Pie Eating Contest

Okay, I went to what I affectionately call my Snobby Book Club tonight and drank several glasses of wine, so I’m going to have to “post light” tonight. Over the weekend our church had a Fall Festival that included a kids’  Pie Eating Contest.  I was skeptical, but they enjoyed themselves and it was easy … [Read more…]

Carving the Pumpkin

Okay, I’ve updated the Big Ol’ List a bit, and then I ran into technical difficulties with my post, because cute W is not here to help me with those pictures. So, instead, I’m sharing a few ridiculous pictures of me from a pumpkin carving session a few years back–they were actually taken in just … [Read more…]

First Week in October

I know that the regularly scheduled events page is still a mess, but I promise that I’ve been working on it.  I’ve got a lingering cold and I took a massive 2+ hour nap today (thank you honey) and I’m still sleepy.  Pathetic.  Here’s what’s going on this week: Monday, October 4th: Shannon Hayes will … [Read more…]

Baby Shower Gift

My little sister and her husband are due to become parents sometime this month, so it’s been baby shower season in our family.  Which always reminds me of our very favorite shower gift ever:  a set of blocks that another sister made for us.  Look: In the front stacks, the block to the left is … [Read more…]